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September 26, 2020, 18:00:51 PM
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Author Topic:

Ek begin sommer van die ou hou.....

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skeptical mantis is skeptical

adele horn
« Reply #30 on: May 12, 2010, 15:51:31 PM »

die kak met steve is, die mense wat sy blog lees, en sy stront ernstig vat, loop nou met daai mentatliteit deur ons strate elke dag.  en blixem sommer 'n swart dude omdat hy na sy girl kyk, en maak net kak vir almal involved.
en die ou moet dink, dat die arikaanse lat, is die toekoms van sy mense, en deel van ons land.  hy het 'n perfekte platform om unie binne ons land te preek, as ook het JUJU.  as hulle hulle gatte uit hulle eie poephols kan trek, en sien watter influence hulle of die jeug het, dans sal hulle 10 keer dink voor hulle bek-rek.
ongelukkig, verkoop sensasie, en die land se jeug is oor die algemeen nie happy campers nie, maak nie saak watter kleur jy is nie.  so dit lekkerder om te wil vuiste slaan en kerm, as om kampvuurliedjies te sing.
daar is beslis 'n need vir 'n jong, forwardthinking persoon, om unity te preek.  swart, wit, wie ookal.  wens ek kon daai gaatjie stop, maar ek is regtig nou nie vir politiek gebou nie.  ek lyk anyway te weird om ernstig omgeneem te word.
almal wat skop het, donner net voort op hulle eie mission, en niemand het die land as geheel se toekoms in die oog nie, wat eintlik kak sad is.
NP complete
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« Reply #31 on: May 12, 2010, 16:28:08 PM »

The masses are the final tyrants

Shibumi by Trevanian, 1979 - Excerpt from:

EDIT for brevity, here's the relevant paragraph:
Your scorn for mediocrity blinds you to its vast primitive power. You stand in the glare of your own brilliance, unable to see into the dim corners of the room, to dilate your eyes and see the potential dangers of the mass, the wad of humanity. Even as I tell you this, dear student, you cannot quite believe that lesser men, in whatever numbers, can really defeat you. But we are in the age of the mediocre man. He is dull, colorless, boring -- but inevitably victorious. The amoeba outlives the tiger because it divides and continues in its immortal monotony. The masses are th efinal tyrants. See how, in the arts, Kabuki wanes and NĂ´ withers while popular novels of violence and mindless action swamp the mind of the mass reader. And even in that timid genre, no author dares to produce a genuinely superior man as his hero, for in his rage of shame the mass man will send his yojimbo, the critic, to defend him. The roar of the plodders is inarticulate, but deafening. They have no brain, but they have a thousand arms to grasp and clutch at you, drag you down
Stevo Muso
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« Reply #32 on: May 12, 2010, 16:54:25 PM »

Nou dat ons nie die artikel kan lees nie sal ek maar direk vra. Steve is sekerlik nie agnosties of ateisties nie, of is hy?

Hier is 'n deel van die artikel - julle kan self besluit. Ek sal se hy glo maar nie heeltemal blind nie.

Management phones. My agent whispers to me the befuddling news of the first concert cancellations. This has never happened. Not on grounds of religious disposition. Fans want to lay hands on me after concerts. Priests warn against the moral decay I am subjecting the nations to. And entire sermons are preached on the proverbial Dwaas (the Fool) I have become. All this for merely claiming that our Christian God created a world Bart Simpson could improve on, and that our synods surely did not represent a God anyone should be associating with. That we should edit out the statements in our Bibles that make our Gods look funny and sound ridiculous. That the mustard seed is not the smallest seed "on earth" and that God need not send two bears to annihilate 42 kids to show off His omnipotence.

Ek vra weer - keep this amoung ourselves plse
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