Eskom load shedding

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Mefiante (January 30, 2008, 10:52:45 AM):
The DA comments – “Guns vs. Butter”…

Centre (April 13, 2008, 12:34:36 PM):
Without nuclear power SA's power crisis will never be resolved. In fact SA is very well suited for large scale nuclear power. With enough investment we can power the whole southern Africa. We will never have a problem with nuclear waste, the northern cape has vast areas of uninhabited space unlike in Europe where space is a problem(Namibia has even more space). The chances of a nuclear meltdown occurring is almost 0% with today's technology. Even if one occurs it wont have the same effect as Chernobyl(technology and site). Stop delaying and give Africa power!
Mefiante (April 13, 2008, 19:01:32 PM):
Nuclear waste disposal is, unfortunately, a somewhat more complicated affair than tossing away a used Kleenex.

Also, a meltdown is almost impossible in a PBMR. The design prevents it getting sufficiently hot.

Sideshaft (July 14, 2012, 17:31:10 PM):
I worked on building the new power stations in Mossel Bay and Atlantis in the Cape. The gas turbines are not receiving gas from Petro SA because Eskom hasn't paid their bills and the power stations are using diesel to generate electricity. Also of all the turbines at Mossel Bay and Atlantis, Eskom only runs one turbine a day and only for a few hours at that, and it's not to alleviate the power shortage in S.A. but to sell to our African neighbours. (wtf!!)Power shedding is a myth >:(


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