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Lilli (August 26, 2010, 13:15:37 PM):
I actually get a little irritated when things like this land up in my inbox - but hey, I suppose it can't hurt...

Dear all,

The proposed Media Appeals Tribunal and the Protection of Information Bill will erode our hard won democracy and severely limit our right to know what the government of the day is up to.

Please sign the petition to the President at:

Please circulate to others. Thousands of signatures are needed.

GCG (August 26, 2010, 14:20:15 PM):
i actually think i signed that one....
seriously though, if one wants to have your voice heard, how do go about getting a petition going, that will actually reach the relevant person (as if it wil make an iota of dofference)
BoogieMonster (August 26, 2010, 15:36:22 PM):
One of the coolest (and most influential) petition sites on the web I've seen Avaaz:

Although I have to mention that when the Dalai Lama was denied a SA visa, they ran a petition and had zero effect. They do, however, seem to be more influential at global "summits" and the like.

(and, of course, they pick the cause, not you)
GCG (August 26, 2010, 15:46:58 PM):
i only gained intelligence post apardheid, so i have heard of this thing called a referendum.
now as i understand, and i may be horribly wrong, that the government of the time had one to decide if mandela was to go free, or have free elections, or whatever the case.
why is it then, now, that the public has zero say anymore about what happens in the country?
surely, something like this, should have public input. the public is being hogtied and stuffed a spin doctored apple in the mouth, and they still do what they hell ever they please.
and you can vote for your canditate, but after that, he does what he pleases, and he is not held acocuntable by the people who put him there. nobobdy answers for promises left stagnant.
what kind of action does the public need to partake in, to get back control OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY?
Brian (August 26, 2010, 16:00:09 PM):
it's called wo/man; one vote; once only! >:( Seriously though, the government of the day IS accountable to the voters but they ignore their responsibility and try their best to lie their way through the next's all about bums in parliamentary plush seats. The current proportional vote is laugable though as no-one is asked to report back like in the old apartheid days when MP's represented a particular area/precinct and when shit hits the fan that MP is obliged to come back and face the people who voted for him/her: Now they go to a National Conference of the ANC or whatever and the reps there vote for a leader(s) and the rest of us are stuck with them. My ANC friends say "get involved" "make a difference" but no ways am I going to dance like a puppet on a broken rubber condom!


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