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brianvds (April 23, 2020, 04:28:22 AM):
Prediction: Meanwhile, China will be using all the forex they have built up over the years (adamantly declining a revaluation of the yuan) to launch a massive play for the title based on medical aid/expertise to underdeveloped and vulnerable countries. They are already making huge inroads in the Middle East and Africa, their next focus will be South America and India (plus high-profile actions in Europe) Either way, Trump is done, and China's international standing is on the rise. It's the end of the old world order.

Aaaaand... they blew it ;D


EU is looking to diversify supply chains to cut China reliance

Well, I plan on definitely cutting my own personal reliance on China, to the extent that it is at all possible. Of course, "Made in China" has become the frickin' mark of the beast: you buy Chinese or you don't buy at all. With some things I'll have little other choice. But where there is any kind of choice, henceforth I'll support the local industry, or imports from some other country, even if they're more expensive.

The world as we have collectively arranged it proved to be much cheaper and more efficient, just as they promised. It also turned out to be a house of cards. We'll see whether we, as a species, will respond to this little wakeup call, but I plan to do so personally.
cyghost (April 23, 2020, 09:55:23 AM):
BoogieMonster (April 23, 2020, 10:26:54 AM):

Oof, I bet they only had EDGE.
Spike (July 12, 2020, 17:45:19 PM):
I've recently stumbled across a few pockets (lumps? clumps? clutches? nests? dens?) of such utterly incomprehensible levels of ignorance and sheer crazy that I've become a speechless spectator, clinging on for dear life as they roll out even more, bigger, better crazy. I'm horrified and feel a bit helpless. I'll just come and take a deep breath here every once in a while until I know what else to do ??? ???

Been busy and all that.. but finally found a cogent summary of what that box of bat-shit fucknuts were going on about:

Do you get my utter bewilderment when someone thrust poor unsuspecting me into a Qanon telegram group? Not a Faceshit group. Not a Whatshit group... a Telegram group.
Mefiante (July 12, 2020, 19:29:57 PM):
Yup, but your pain is not new. Crazy and Stupid are fast, slender, and nimble, not having to abide by any rules other than the ones they fancy as need may arise. Plus, they have the advantage of Broadband, WWW, and an endless array of vacant sponge brains craving ever more titillation and cheap, instant thrills. Meanwhile, Reason, Humility, and Probing are sluggish and fat, weighed down by caution, a need for evidence, and loyalty to facts, so they’re handicapped even before the games are declared open.

There’s really only one important existential question: What will it mean for the world to succeed regardless of truth?



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