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Mefiante (July 20, 2020, 12:53:34 PM):
I’m not refuting that it’s a slow process, bordering on the stagnant even, but you seem to keep missing my essential point which is that the slow pace is the problem, and that there has to be a better way to arrest, or at least put a brake on, the accelerating slide into unreason. We’ve got huge and unprecedented powers of communication, able to reach vastly greater multitudes than ever before, but instead of mostly disseminating reliable and fact-based information, these powers are subverted willy-nilly to advance partisan and self-centred agendas. To then resign oneself to this status quo by saying, “Oh well, nothing we can do really here, that’s just the way it is.” simply doesn’t cut it in my book. We need some fresh thinking, and soon, about how to harness those powers in a more productive and focussed way.

Because, as a last resort, letting the whole shitty mess implode under the weight of its own stupidity will succeed only in dragging a gigantic throng of undeserving innocents down with itself, and those mainly responsible for the collapse won’t have learnt a thing from it.



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