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bluegray (September 20, 2006, 16:39:41 PM):
@meisiekind2 (is there a meisiekind1? ;) )
Thank you for trying to warn us. I'm sure that you have only good intentions. However, I do not see how much good it can do to cry wolf if you don't have any supporting evidence.

I am certain that many of these ideas are real and that there are people planning all sorts of horrible things in secret. But this is nothing new. That is what extremists and terrorists do and fortunately they are usually in the minority. But the majority of the rest of the people have no interest in killing or causing harm to anyone.

We in South Africa have gone through a time of great change in the way we see other people living with us. Some embrace the differences and incorporate it in their day to day living, others are afraid to do so for very human reasons. But if you make a little effort to understand the differences, you will find that you have more in common with the people around you than the differences between you. That should not be surprising, because in the end we are all humans with the same dreams, fears, and limitations.

You must remember that because there is little censorship on the web, that there are also a lot of views and opinions. But not all ideas have equal value. Therefore everyone has to make it her/his own responsibility to separate the good ideas from the bad. Unfortunately that is a skill that not many possess, but that can be learned. That is why I started this forum - to provide the critical balance to all the faulty ideas that you find on the web. It does not mean I/we are always right, all it means, is that we have a higher standard of what we consider to be true.

Thanks to Anacoluthon64 for the links: a quick scan over your post reveals these fallacies of argumentation.
Appeal to authority
Burden of proof

qrios (September 20, 2006, 18:02:18 PM):
Hi meisiekind2

Firstly... your post was not torn to shreds.... you were welcomed by more than one, as well as thanked for your input. Yet I detect a tantrum-like response towards those who dare disagree, or does not wholeheartedly give you the "Freedom of the city".... Regtig meisiekind, jy sal moet leer om meer verdraagsaam te wees.

If that is the trend at http://boerevryheid.co.za/modules.php?name=Jig (Which is where you are to be contacted)then I am really not interested. BTW. This is my own opinion, and not that of the group. Just for the record.. I am over 40, White and Afrikaans, a Christian AND openminded. I believe in freedom and justice for all, and that right is right and wrong is wrong. Wrong painted in 4 colors is still wrong. I believe that we are all created equal, and then we start stuffing up things!!! ;D

You can of course also see this as a tantrum, but then again, someone else will jump on my case again....
I think that what I'm actually trying to say as the same thing that bluegray V has just said.
We have the right to our own opinions...
We have the right to respect those who differ...
We do not have the right to judge others...

Lastly... I think if someone asks you a question like "Where do you stand with regards to the so called prophecies of siener van Rensburg? " - it is your right not to answer, but it is polite to answer.

BTW All of this is on recyclable media and can not be burnt.... ;D
bluegray (September 20, 2006, 18:17:24 PM):
We do not have the right to judge others...
...but we can judge their ideas ;)

btw I hope someone notices the little favicon I made. It goes especially well with the one from the page you just linked ;D
qrios (September 20, 2006, 18:28:50 PM):
We do not have the right to judge others...
...but we can judge their ideas ;)

Could not agree more... actually I could, but that would be pushing it :D

Think the favicon is tooo cute - wanted to say devine..... bit then I'm stepping on 64 toes again!!!! ;D
EM (September 21, 2006, 08:26:34 AM):
I have a new thoery on this Uhuru bussiness ;)

What if... 'they' realised that Uhuru was doomed to failure for much of the reasons posted here (ie. keeping it a secret for so long, and logistical problems etc.) 'They' then 'convinced' some prominent Afrikaans leaders (i use the term very loosely here) to start advocating the volkstaat idea. I mean if you can't kill'em all, just get them move to some piece of useless dessert on their own accord.


(should make for a good conspiracy theory...)


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