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B.T. (April 08, 2008, 16:17:27 PM):
I tried to think of a comeback, but after all the dragging and that mountain, not to speak of my poor feet......

sorry nothing there!!!
The Dude (April 11, 2008, 16:07:46 PM):
Hey Dudes,,,

I have been following this forum since last year and this is the first forum I have actually decided to join,,, "as my spelling bietjie k@k is, sorry"...

I also received the e-mail a year ago and this forum made me believe that it was a load of ... until recently.

Now I've watched all the DVD's and decided to puff and pass... I would like to discuss this even more and will but it's almot time for me to go home and have a beer...


The Dude
bluegray (April 12, 2008, 16:26:44 PM):
Found this over at Yahoo! Answers. A search for 'uhuru' over there is also quite interesting ;)

@The Dude
What dvd was that? What made you change your mind?
Centre (April 13, 2008, 00:20:20 AM):
I think that something like uhuru can happen in SA. But i don't think that it will necceserily be a planned action nor a slaughter. Lets say the SA goverment starts with Zim style landgrabs. Will all of you sceptics just flee OR try to keep your hard owned property?(please answer) If most of the whites in SA resist such landgrabs they will have to take it by force. South Africa has quite a lot of whites(few million) and not all of them can flee SA at one time(Hundreds of reasons). Imagine how the department of home affairs offices will look. ;D . I already know what you sceptics are gonna reply. Who says there are gonna be land grabs? Im just saying that you shouldnt only focus on the so called uhuru. 10 years ago Zim was the breadbasket of Africa. Mbeki's quiet diplomacy. Zuma's 'Umshini wami' . Farm murders. Charles Nqacula's remark that people that are not happy with the situation should leave the country.Emty Promises by politicians on giving land to black people. Land given to black people mismanaged. BEE only helping the lucy elite. Illegal immigrant flowing into our borders. Jacie Selebie. Food prices. Public transport costs. Unemployment. A hungry mob is an angry mob!
Mefiante (April 13, 2008, 18:49:14 PM):
Hello, and welcome to the forum Centre.

The main question about “Uhuru” in the South African context is hardly whether it could happen or could not happen. Nor is it whether or not we live in socially and politically volatile times. After all, many things could happen, some of them disastrous (as suggested here, for example); moreover, I think only the incurably blind and/or mentally obtuse would insist that life in SA is utopian.

No, the proper question is far more what good reason we have that we should take this particular threat more seriously than any of the multitude of others that could befall us and that would prove similarly severe, at least at the level of the individual. How are you going to prevent that bus losing control on the highway and flattening your car, possibly with your family in it?

Also, a search for “Uhuru” on both the Internet and in the Encyclopædia Britannica yields no mention of any mass slaughter of white people. Very revealing. Additionally, a little thought (not to mention a careful reading through this entire thread) will reveal that, as a power-grabbing and/or retribution move, the proposed action sucks big time. As one observer put it, “Why wait for Mandela to die?”

And don’t please swallow that nonsense that some people push about “blacks having nothing to lose.” Every day, the SA black middle class grows larger, and if you think that they’ll just give up the wealth and status they’ve accumulated then I’m sure that you’re underestimating their acuity.



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