Why are drugs illegal?

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BoogieMonster (September 20, 2011, 09:21:02 AM):
To me, the point is about personal liberty. Anyone should be allowed to harm themselves, this to me is one of their "basic human rights". One of the few I view as valid.

Quote from: Faerie
so its ok for the kid in the ghetto to take it up until the point that he hacks his mother and siblings to death with a steak-knife?

Yes. Replace "tik" in your sentence with "alcohol" and you'll see my point. Yes, people should be allowed to drink themselves silly up until they pull out a gun and fire on someone, or smash a beer-bottle over someone's head, drive drunk, etc. In other words, up to the point that they become a direct danger to OTHER people.

Quote from: Faerie
I do however, have had plenty of experience with drug and alcohol addicts to know the absolute devastation it can sow. I've done all my practical and voluteer work at these centres, and its scary, VERY scary.

I have a friend, a good one too, that has lost everything due to an amphetamine/coke addiction. It sucks, it really, really does. I frequently lament his situation. BUT, it is his own doing, and I realise that law or no law, his personality would've (and did) lead to this regardless of who was trying to stop him. I've pleaded with him, we've sat down in a group of close friends and done the "Dude, you're killing yourself" thing. There's very little to help it, if there's any hope for him, it's rehabilitation (if he's willing). But it isn't law enforcement. If anything, getting busted will make his life worse, not better.

Quote from: Faerie
without control we'd have anarchy

I don't believe this is true. There's a concept called "Spontaneous order", which I do buy. I saw an example a while back (you'd have to google) about this dude who lowered accident rates and traffic congestion dramatically at key london interchanges by completely removing traffic signals, signs, lines, etc. from them. What followed was a self-regulating, free flowing, courtesy based system of traffic flow that emerged all by itself. Turns out if your remove the controls, people suddenly start being nice to eachother. To see video of this in action is stunning. You suddenly go, why do we have all these controls?
Watookal (September 20, 2011, 13:06:15 PM):
Cocaine for me is on the line
-- pure poetry.
Superman (September 20, 2011, 14:05:29 PM):
@Faerie, I really do understand what you are saying and can see that you care about other people.

Please allow me to say this, 'Think of all the christains,muslims,jews and the things they want to protect ourselves and society from'. Where do you draw the line. I am sure that they deem it proper to protect ourselves from quite a number of things.'

Religion = Socialism

Superman (September 20, 2011, 16:24:19 PM):
PS It does seem that the 'public good' is starting to become a religion.
Every infringement of personal liberties are defended for the public good. :'(

Oops now I am going into taxes, sorry off-topic. Please ignore.(edit)
BoogieMonster (September 20, 2011, 18:18:23 PM):
More often than not even the public good can succumb to "think of the children". A special class of citizen that must be protected at all costs.


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