Why are drugs illegal?

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Brian (September 21, 2011, 09:23:56 AM):
The issue of a 'common good' or 'public interest' raises questions about the moralty of a society.
Immoral politicians use the illogical and immoral concept that some political policy or strategy is ‘in the interests of the common good’ or ‘in the public or national interest’. They never define what the public interest is or who the ‘public’ is; neither do they specify at whose cost the public interest is served. Underlying this false argument is the notion that the public interest is superior to the interest of the individual. This of course gives these mystics the power to loot the property of the individual including his or her intellectual property ‘in the public interest’. They are nothing more than common thieves and looters. A practical example of this is where mineral- or water rights of private landowners are confiscated by these looters ‘in the common’ interest. The argument naturally resists questioning and intelligent debate because the ‘common good’ is held to be above debate, above the interests of mere individuals; a non sequitur.
The latest evidence of this in SA is the suppression of information bill the ANC is trying to push through "in the interest of the people" By Whose standards at whose costs? The next move will censorship of 'material unsuitable for public consumption" and so it goes on until the next revolution...VIVA!
Mefiante (September 21, 2011, 10:19:47 AM):
Good. That’s what libertarians have been saying for a really long time already. The essential trouble is petty minds put in positions of power. Given the opportunity, they invariably are unable and unwilling to resist the pull towards ever more pervasive control through regulation, which is the result of a pungent mixture of innate megalomania, paternalism and superiority complex: We know best what’s best for you.

It’s why politics and religion make dandy bedfellows.



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