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rwenzori (June 09, 2010, 18:28:37 PM):
This has me completely flabbergasted. It is just so retarded, so moronic, and so wrong in so many ways. Who are these fuckwits running this school? One can only hope that the "Gautengse onderwysdepartement" steps in and disallows the award of rugby attendance marks.

It would have to be rugby, too. What is it with this judging how good a school is by how well its first rugby team performs? Amongst both English and Afrikaans people. I mean really - what proportion of any matric class can actually make a living after school by playing rugby? Poor Klaas won't be able to, AND he plugged his matric maths because his acceptable grades leading up to matric were all because of "attendance marks". So Klaas is doomed with a capital F. Maybe he could make a living ( along with Julius Malema ) using his woodwork skills to build cheap furniture. Eish.

[ Disclaimer. I may be a geek and a nerd and whatever, but I did play firsts at rugby for my school way back when boys were men and all that. ;) And - Cyghost - nyah nyah nyah, the Bulls came romping home. :P ]
cyghost (June 10, 2010, 07:53:11 AM):



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