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Mefiante (June 27, 2014, 09:01:16 AM):
Is there a natural history museum in Joburg?
Yes. And not too far away, there’s more.

BoogieMonster (June 27, 2014, 09:56:50 AM):
When I was a kid a friend invited me to join their voortrekker, er, trek... to go and learn about dinosaurs. At the time the Jurassic Park frenzy was strong with us and I happily tagged along.

Little did I know this field trip was "authentic" and mostly consisted of sleeping in nothing but a sleeping bag, in the veld, in the dead of winter. Or alternately in a cave-ish hollow literally filled several inches deep in dung. We did experience an excursion to a little dino gift shop though, where the kids were obviously being milked for their allowances. So that was nice.

We saw a fossil or two and I think a dino dropping was discovered on one of our excursions.

The most memorable part of the trip though was my mother absolutely losing her mind when I got home smelling like, well, I'd slept in a cave filled with excrement. Pointing out this fact of course did not deter her from near-murdering me.

I was kinda put off from paleontology going forward.

As an adult I realise that this is science and it has no obligation to be sexy or exciting. As a kid though, the experience does leave one a bit ... cold.
cyghost (June 30, 2014, 07:56:30 AM):
I'll have to go when it comes to Cape Town. My two are nuts about dinos. Will report back when :)
cyghost (August 20, 2014, 08:14:43 AM):
Not expecting much, I ended up enjoying this. Probably more on behalf of the boys. One 4 the other rapidly closing in on 2. The 4 year old wouldn't let me read anything, we had to rush on to the next dino and the next and the next! Later when I had the 1-and-quite-a-bit, he kept on insisting I put him down, waddling over to the dino's then get scared and insisting I pick him up. When we were in line for the movie he kept wanting to go back to the dinos!

The T-rex was quite impressive. They set you up with a smaller t-rex about half way through. Came to chest height or so, mean looking. Looked like a t-rex but somehow I thought they were huge? Read the plague, yep, t-rex and yep grew to about 13m. wtf? ...Aha, a teaser!

The 3D movie was fun, though it said we evolved from apes :-[ At the end of it quite a fun demonstration with A4 papers on a living room floor to illustrate life on earth.

Also, first time ever to eat at Burger King... kinda mid-way between McDee's and Steers tbh :P
cr1t (August 20, 2014, 09:46:01 AM):
O yes, we where there the other day.

I was expecting it to be bigger. My 3 year old enjoyed it very much.
He was even slightly fooled by it, asking at one point is this real. I think it should make a good memory for him.
The T-Rex was for sure, the high point.

The movie just gave me the biggest guilt trip ever. But was good.

Overall maybe a little expensive for the hour we spent there.

P.S Burger King is not the same with out the bacon.


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