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Mefiante (January 10, 2008, 09:38:52 AM):
Some recent Amway happenings:

Quote from: Pyramid Scheme Alert
Amway/Quixtar Pyramid in Collapse

August, 2007

Amway, the oldest, largest and most politically connected MLM – the company that effectively created “multi-level marketing” – appears to be shaking and possibly on the verge of collapse. After millions of victims have lost billions in dollars, after millions of poor people in Third World countries were misled and ruined by Amway's dream machine, and millions in ill-gotten Amway money were poured into the campaign coffers of politicians to prevent federal investigations, the full truth about the Amway/Quixtar scheme is being revealed. Regulators in India, China and England are taking action. Investigations by US regulators cannot be far away.

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Quote from: Pyramid Scheme Alert
"In the Public Interest"
England Wants to Kick Amway Out of the Country

December, 2007

The largest and oldest of US-based MLMs, Amway, is on trial right now in England for operating as a deceptive fraud.

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Mefiante (January 16, 2008, 16:59:56 PM):
Network 21, an Amway “sponsorship”/marketing network front, once again rears its deceitful head in South Africa. That would be the same lot who prompted the starting of this thread. The reader should have no great difficulty seeing through an assortment of misrepresentations and rhetorical subterfuges Amway deploys in the linked-to challenge/response article. The essence of the responses uniformly boils down to, “Oh, but we are so totally misunderstood!” and all of them are – not unexpectedly – tailored to make Amway look respectable. A devoted cynic might argue that such efforts are doomed to be fruitless. Elsewhere, the article’s author further explains her disdain for Amway.

Tweefo (March 04, 2008, 17:22:18 PM):
A new one is U-Care. You pay R125 per month (Debit order so you can't stop easily). A portion goes for "sponsorship" and the rest to the people above you. You have to recruit more and then you receive some. Pyramid!
Mefiante (August 27, 2008, 10:30:08 AM):
Two updates concerning arch-deceivers Amway:

Pyramid Scheme Class Action Suit against Amway/Quixtar to Go Forward

April, 2007

Amway has lost its legal effort to stop the largest and potentially most damaging class action lawsuit ever brought against the multi-level marketing scheme from going forward. A federal judge has ruled that Amway’s rules for settling disputes are “unconscionable” and unenforceable. He denied Amway’s defense. The case will now proceed.

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Government of England Renews Case to Throw Amway Out of Country

July, 2008

After a judge’s ruling that severely restricted Amway’s operation in England, the English government has appealed the ruling and renewed its case to close Amway down and kick it out of the country.

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