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Faerie (March 04, 2011, 12:20:20 PM):
Could be bias, I'm not about to judge, I'm basing the opinion simply on my experiences with the young ones during the past three years. The intake on average is 150 learners, mixed bag of race, and generally ALL of them require assistance with basic communication English. When you have a matriculant that constantly sends you "massages" instead of "messages" it becomes problematic though (it stops being funny after the 50th correction).

I must add, nothing wrong with the intellect of any of these kids, the criteria we select them on is rather stringent (it has to be, its a corporate environment and there is no space for stupidity AND we're paying for their studies, we're not about to wantonly waste money) and most, if not all of them graduate with honours at the end of their year with us.

Back in my day, we lost marks in language studies if we ommitted a fullstop, or misplaced a comma, and it was a double dose for those who had typing as a subject, I recall being whacked over the knuckles for a spelling mistake if "juffrou" just happened to be peeking over your shoulder whilst typing a passage. (Damn, THAT was hell - still used those old KA-ching-whrrrrrr-clack-clack-clack typewriters....)


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