Dude/Suidlander/KVZ split from Uhuru

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Suidlander (April 16, 2008, 15:21:18 PM):
Skeptical - the is only one God, Jesus Christ the son of God. There exist no other, there are no other, anything lese is man made. - NOT Negotiable ...
mdg (April 16, 2008, 15:26:33 PM):
B.T. Do you actually understand and comprehend english? I'm not saying anything that could be deemed offensive to white or black people, I am pointing out that what the suidlanders believe is offensive to blacks and to me. You are generalising by lumping me in your category of "the whites" who are being so hard done by and who are suffering under the current black government. And, you're right - we shouldn't offend anyone of colour. It is you and The Dude who have taken offence at something I was merely trying to point out to you - that whites are not the only ones suffering today. And you are generalising that blacks commit crime and are responsible for the mess this country is in. Or am I totally misreading the reasons for the formation of the suidlanders and their explanations of the reasons why we will all be massacred?
As for the website - anyone who calls themselves Anti-Kaffer and refers to black people as "houtkop" is an out and out racist.
slowcheetah (April 16, 2008, 15:29:08 PM):
Skeptical, I would appreciate it if you would refer to God with the correct punctuation.

I choose to use a small letter g. You don't see a capital F in fairytale. And who is Skeptical anyway??

I pray for people like you that has no idea what He can/will do in this country in times to come ....

Please don't. Just now you break a leg.

Prayer: How to do NOTHING and still think you are helping!!!
B.T. (April 16, 2008, 15:35:49 PM):
Ms Incredible,

All I can say to you, once again you are generalizing, shame.....

You should of thought about what you wrote in the first place.
Suidlander (April 16, 2008, 15:36:54 PM):
My mom always said, dont argue with an athiest, they will drag you down to their level and beat you on experiance! One more thing, only a fool wants war, but a wise man sees one comming and prepares himself. I just can't imagine how you people exist without your faith in the face of what is comming. There is so much information and there is so much to say, yet it is not worth saying.


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