Haiti Earthquake

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bluegray (February 05, 2010, 19:32:54 PM):
Of course, seeing as I have been out of the loop for a while, I was hoping that this forum could provide some interesting insights into the situation in Haiti. Of course, natural disasters happen and I do not see the point in continuing a semi-religious argument in this regard. My concern is of a more human nature - all the aide gushing into Haiti from everywhere around the world, including SA who could use our own army of helpers considering the dire conditions our own countrymen find themselves in. Of course this is a good thing. I want to know if anyone can tell me what percentage of the money raised by Hollywood stars for relief in Haiti was paid out to whom. And if there has ever been or will ever be a truly selfless act performed on this planet?
You should start a new thread then, this one has gone to hell :-\
cyghost (February 05, 2010, 22:54:53 PM):
Coming from the guy that can't follow a conversation unless the grammar is perfect.
Nope. If you paid any attention and had the capability of a half wit, you'd have realised all I ask is for you to make sense. Amusing that even half wits out wit you. lol
Yep... your brain is fried and delusional... moving along.
You being a wishful thinking kinda guy, I can see why you get so hang about these things. It remains weird.
Actually, the implication of your fried brain is that you are having delusions about kicking other people's arse over the "Interwebs" and you are not even intoxicated while having these delusions. Pretty sad, but fun to watch.
You think sad people are fun?

Kinda par for the course for you sick religious-and-on-a-high-horse fucks.

Never fear, you remain mistaken and it isn't in the least sad to see you bump your moronic head into the same wall over and over. All I have to do is tickle here and there and we get the same conditioned response. Hilarious which leaves me rofloling. What is even cooler is that others are looking on and reaching their own conclusions.

toodeloo and pip pip old chap
GCG (February 11, 2010, 15:10:17 PM):
Ah, now to through your own bullsh|t back at you:

I am falling from the woodworks a bit late in the game, but jirre. I am trying hard to imagine how this could be in the right context, but even my wild imagination is lacking.
Are we doing Lolspeak here?


This is a hugely entertaining disussion, and I, too, agree that it has derailed yonks ago.

I dated a theologist for about a year. And alas, our once intelligent discussions, soon became heated arguments, where he totes the bible, and I stand firm behind science.
Theology, should, in my opinion, should be kept the hell away from the religious. It just gives them more ammo to mindfuck the general public. When armed with achres of hogwash, they believe themselves akin to god in knowledge, since they are esteemed in the divine knowledge.
Now, if that same energy was employed in, say, cancer research, then we could have reached a solution by now.
There should be a law against religious studies. I think I will start a facebook group to that effect akshully. The amount of human resources thrown (please note spelling) at the pursuit of manipulation in the form of religion, is quite sickening.
It makes me want to vom.

But, then again, this is my humble opinion. If the masses feel safe in the hands of greedy clergy, then who the hell am I to disagree.
I am no scholar, but having sat through theories and 'evidence' of my ex, I can honestly say. Oh my bloody hell no.

I recently had an argument with my cellular provider, and they were charging me for data charges. They cant prove I incurred it, I couldnt prove I hadnt.
I used the following idea to prove my point:

Prove to me the sky is blue.
I can see it's blue, I can take a pic with a camera, it's still blue.
But bring me a piece of it, so I can touch it, and see it's blue.
Fly me up there, have me poke it, lick it, chest bump it.
The sky is blue, cause blue light rays break up first in the dust and bollocks.

It's lank silly, but now I'm using it to prove god as well. I can see the pics in books, cute. I can see the churches built. Pretty. Okay, bring me god. (and the masses chant) but he is in the air, he made earth, you just have to look at a sunset blah blah blah.
shizniz. evolution, anybody? sigh.
bring me god, the actual dude/chick/entity.
Not gonna happen. Would be fun though.
Now THERE is a conversation I would enjoy having in the bath.

Nevermind me, random rambling for the day. ;)


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