Haiti Earthquake

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cyghost (February 04, 2010, 16:01:19 PM):
BoogieM, I failed to give you a plus one karma for that great post because I have already given you one for the previous one pointed out by mefiante as a great post and it would seem I can only hit you once in 24 hours.

I thought I'd mention that any way :D
Teleological (February 04, 2010, 16:02:39 PM):
Ah muffy, one can always count on you to conjour up these delsusions about other people. And the other people here just love that from you, I mean it is so wonderfully constructive and rational not?

Please do try again some time to show how you love to think reason is on your side, I love a good chuckle now and again.
Jane of the Jungle (February 04, 2010, 16:08:44 PM):
I think you know enough about me (or maybe not, what do you know?) to at least answer that question for yourself. If you need help, the answer is a negative,

What’s the possibility that your delusional bubble is right next to Nazzeem's?

The delusion of Religions

however I do not agree or disagree with everything (that would be impossible for all people unless they are willful contrarians).

Why not, want to keep the back door open, for in case you choose the wrong one? ::)
Teleological (February 04, 2010, 16:14:14 PM):
What on earth are you on about? BTW, do you even care if you are wrong with whatever you are doing?
Mefiante (February 04, 2010, 16:27:23 PM):
… conjour up these delsusions…
Quae erant demonstranda.



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