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Author Topic:

On Teleological Self-delusion and Mechanical Duplicity

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Description: A clearinghouse for certain crude mendacities
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In solidarity with rwenzori: Κοπρος φανεται

« on: February 06, 2010, 11:52:17 AM »

A split from this thread.

So... when the section says "Science and Technology", you decide to talk about God?
No, but you do.  I just happen to mention it first to alert the reader to your fundamental and ongoing sneakiness.

Wonderful logic there muffy, and you guys say religious people are bothered with God and bitch and moan that I derail threads. How amusing.
Your history here speaks for itself, as it does at several other sites.

Ok bye now, come back when you have anything useful to say thanks or something that resembles some form of intelligence.
So why react to what I write when it’s not useful and doesn’t resemble some form of intelligence?

Remember, misrepresenting and mischaracterization of others so that you can look cool and hip to your lapdogs might be cool to you, but there are others interested in a little more than this superficial BS you like so much.
Oh, you poor, misunderstood, maltreated wretch.  This means that everyone with whom you’ve ever bumped heads is totally wrong about you.  Hey, now that would be way cool – our very own Forum Jesus, crucified so that blind materialists might see the light of The Gospel of Teleology.

Ok fine, I will let you be useless.
I need your permission now?

Blah blah blah, more delusional caricutures of others from you. Don't you get tired of spewing your BS?
So, whose lapdog are you, then?  Don’t you ever get tired of misspelling words?

(you know, a bit more specific, don't want you to throw your hands in the air and say you know it all you know).
No, that’s your own routine – vagueness, deflection and fantasies of omniscience.  “I don’t know” doesn’t feature in your vocabulary.

Why couldn't you just do this in the first place.... oh wait, you still like to use God in your discussions. My oh my, and they say religious people are bothered with God..tsk tsk
Why couldn’t you be forthright in the first place by doing it?  Oh wait, you still like to insinuate in your diatribes that some Greater Force is at play in nature.  My, oh my, and they say supernaturalists aren’t bothered by materialism.  Tsk, tsk.

Obviously not as brilliant as this "genius"  Evil...
Yes, and by a factor of about 25.  By August 03, 2009, 11:50:25 AM, I’d learnt from my prior mistake where I’d assumed that you were actually interested in discussion rather than, say, grandstanding.

There you go, spin-doctoring distortions again and misspelling things.  This time it’s photosynthetic energy exchange = don’t “dicard” quantum computing.

« Last Edit: February 06, 2010, 13:12:07 PM by Mefiante, Reason: The Great Teleo-mechanical Essence in the sky decided I must. » Logged
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