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rwenzori (July 17, 2009, 18:39:48 PM):
My latest foray into mass-production poetry got me a miserable infraction from a humourless mod on another forum.

That new mod
Is a sod
He gave me an infraction
That's not to my satisfaction.

All for posting this cheerful little number:

ID sockpuppets
Post science like muppets
There's always a smidgen
Of religion.

Which of course was aimed at:

Is a knucklebone
He thinks Jesus
Controls us by telekinesis.

who is known here as:

Gives science a new twist
He thinks we were created by a poltergeist
Named Christ.

[ For those who might be interested, the verse form is a clerihew - a comic verse in two rhyming couplets with lines of unequal length that refers to a person ( often someone famous ). ]

;D ;D
cyghost (July 17, 2009, 19:25:31 PM):
those are not bad at all :D
Mefiante (July 19, 2009, 21:19:55 PM):
Vide this message’s icon… ;)

rwenzori (June 13, 2011, 18:48:35 PM):
Time for another Clerihew.

Barack Obama
Killed Osama.
Many Muslims were sad;
Ain't that just too bad.


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