Richard Dawkins is a Freemason

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Sentinel (March 12, 2010, 18:07:36 PM):
Quote from: Auch Mar Mensch
Daar is 16 000 spesies wat uitwissing in die gesig staar. Waaronder die Afrikaner ook tel.
Sure, there is no end to the person's absurd views...

This came as a result of a discussion on Evolution. One person said that species multiplied and became more over time, and another said it's nonsense, because only 2-4% of species remain today with 16,000 more on the brink of extinction.

The question that was posed, since 2-4% remain; how did Noah fit 100% of all the species on earth into the Ark? (Estimated at 2,750 million species and excluding those that live in water.)
Sentinel (March 12, 2010, 18:11:04 PM):
I wonder who will be more offended by statements like that - Dawkins himself or the freemasons?
My guess is the Afrikaners - I mean, now suddenly of an altogether different species and all.
Maybe we/they'll become endangered - save Ryno!
Hermes (March 12, 2010, 23:33:19 PM):
Maybe we/they'll become endangered - save Ryno!

I think you're confusing the issue with Saving Private Rhino's Daughter.
ThysH (July 10, 2010, 13:17:22 PM):
Dit is met 'n aansienlike mate van skok en teleurstelling dat dit vir my lyk of die algemene kommentaar op 'n webblad soos hierdie net so simpel en vlak is as die op Kletskerk - behalwe vir die heel eerste een van Sentinel wat sy saak met feite gestel het.

Ek sal op 'n paar ander forumlyne gaan kyk of dit darem soms beter is.
Mefiante (July 10, 2010, 15:03:33 PM):
Sorry to disappoint, ThysH. Sceptics, like most people, need their occasional moments of silliness, too. Maybe, instead of complaining about it, you’d care to put this thread back on the track you would like to see it taking.



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