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Faerie (June 04, 2010, 07:56:48 AM):
I am, as I'm typing here, being KAKKED on because I'm not wearing the company sponsored horrific yellow soccer shirt we were given on Tuesday. The bloody thing is brighter than the sun's core and plays havoc with my skintone, aside from that, the bloody thing is tailored around the ass and the size small hangs to my knees, I look like a sausage. Bloody madness!!!
Lilli (June 04, 2010, 08:39:14 AM):
I am, as I'm typing here, wearing my soccer shirt (and probably looking like a sausage)
I also have SA flags on my car mirrors.
I own a Vuvuzela (works well as a beer funnel too)
The WC is here, and I for one would much rather be positive about it, join in the madness and fun, and enjoy the positive attitude of my fellow South Africans. After the WC is over, we South Africans will most likely go back to bitching and moaning about everything around us (its what we do...) but in the mean time, I embrace the silliness, even though I don't know a thing about the game.
(of course, I am not losing money/work. Sorry its affecting you so badly Stevo. People should still be going to music gigs in my honest opinion, regardless of whatever else is going on)
GCG (June 04, 2010, 10:05:16 AM):
Oh by the way fellow skeptics, those nice soccer shirts your company is giving you... you are going to be taxed on it as a company benefit. thank you SARS. wankers.
Lilli (June 04, 2010, 10:11:49 AM):
hey, I paid a boatload of money for mine...
threeholerhauler (June 04, 2010, 16:25:50 PM):
The WC is here, and I for one would much rather be positive about it, join in the madness and fun, and enjoy the positive attitude of my fellow South Africans.

I am quite a negative bugger, but on this point I have to agree with you Lilli. I am getting swept up in the vibe in spite of myself and loving it. We don't have much to be happy about, but this is something.

And even though the stadiums (stadia?) were expensive and maybe superfluous, they are impressive and will be used for a variety of events in the future. I look at Soccer city and get a bit giddy with pride. Wow, look what we made. And personally I would much rather have my taxes wasted on a tangible 95 000 seater monolith than see it dissapear into a plethora of government officials' pockets or to see another R10 million party thrown at my expense to celebrate the growing incompetence, apathy and corruption of government.

We have new shiny, way overdue roads that would have taken decades to build had there not been extra impetus. And yes we will pay toll fees to use them, but do you honestly imagine we would not have paid toll fees had they been constructed at a later date?

The Gautrain, though not built for the WC, probably would not have been approved had it not been for this particular spotlight on our transport system. It gives me chills when I drive beneath a new viaduct or tunnel entrance. Its damn impressive and it makes me proud to know that I lived to see the construction of Africa's largest civil engineering project. And besides that, its going to make my life sooo much easier.

For the next two months at least, we can at least rest slightly easier knowing that the cops are going to move at least a bit closer to doing their jobs, and if they don't there will be many more enticing people with dollars for the crims to target.

So, all of you. Chill and go with the giddy flow. What have you got to lose?


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