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GCG (June 03, 2010, 17:11:57 PM):
EK FOKKEN HAAT SOKKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, dis al.
BoogieMonster (June 03, 2010, 17:50:18 PM):
Amen. I can't deal with people plastering every fucking flag they can find on any other fucking thing they can find.

Grin and bear, smile and wave.
GCG (June 03, 2010, 18:17:05 PM):
FEEL IT, IT IS HEREplease excuse me while i vomit profusely.

imagine this:
hyundai is sponsoring 7000 tickets for poor black kids.
these tickets needs to be allocated between 25 matches.
each 10 kids need to be chaperoned by a teacher/adult.
each school needs to provide us with the names, grades and id's of each kid.(FiFa is paranoid)
they need to provide us with the name, id and cell number of each chaperone.
we had to organise busses for said kids, to and from the games.
the busses need to be department of education approved.
the busses need to be department of transport approved.
the busses need to be fifa approved.
each kid receives, on the day, a pack containing a lunch box, with chow, a blanket, a cap.
we are packing all this shit in our storeroom.
we recieved the stuff yesterday only.( thank you transport strike)
we are making all the sarmies ourselves.
each kid needs a lanyard with a tag on, showing the school, the principal, the chaperone, and the lapdesk rep.
all this is done with one printer and one guillotine.
the tickets arrived this morning.
the tickets given, dont correspond with the spreadsheet supplied by hyundai.
the boss forgot the allocate one game.

and guess who is doing all this?


guess whose doing boggeroll..... some car company who shall not be named.
are we an event management company?

we are a charity.
how in the hell did we manage to get all this crap loaded onto us?
rwenzori (June 03, 2010, 18:35:47 PM):
EK FOKKEN HAAT SOKKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fokken retarded neighbours now have a fokken vuvuzela. In addition to the fokken screaming baby.

Fokkity fok fok fok.
StevoMuso (June 03, 2010, 19:52:33 PM):
Today, Thursday, was my first cancelled gig because of some "friendly" match being played tonight. The last SWC (the one 5 yrs ago in France) cost me R 24,000.00 in cancelled gigs over six weeks. This year I am now already R 1000.00 down and the f*cking thing hasn't even started yet. If I have as many gigs cancelled due to the soccer this WC as I did in the previous one, it will cost me around R 60,000.00 in lost, unrecoverable income. Five years ago I couldn't pay rent and had to live out of my car sleeping on a building site for two months. This year at least I have a girlfriend I can (hopefully) move in with.

You think YOU hate soccer? Try and match my reasons for hating it. I cannot begin to describe how much I hate soccer, or any other sport that affects my income for that matter.


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