Threatened by a Christian

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Brian (May 02, 2010, 14:00:36 PM):
he reached into his polar-fleece jacket's inner pocket and pulled out a Gideon's Bible! I'll sooner take a smack in the face any day.

Heavens above!...or scattered holy water over him. >:D
Jane of the Jungle (May 02, 2010, 14:30:32 PM):
Steve you’ve been in a situation which many of us fear to be. Would that azzhole have opened his mouth if there were more people around who shared your views? No I freekin don’t think so, because even though he is HUGE, he still use the masses for backup! And for the guys at the table, they are damn “slapg@tte” for not trying to calm the Bear down atleast!
An Islamic, Satanist, Budhist, 7th day Adventist or Jehovah can walk in that door, in their minds thats OK, but jirrr please don’t mention you're an Atheist, no freekin way, that ....they can not handle! (wtf!!)
Peacefully discussing the different point of views with a “loving” Christian is simply out of the question! (my point of view and experience in any ways)
Mefiante (May 02, 2010, 15:40:07 PM):
Not to derail this thread, but the conquistadores who Christianised Mexico and Peru developed a particularly charming routine when converting the natives. They would baptise their infants so that these would not miss out on the Eternal Life, and then smash their heads against some rocks, no doubt to ensure that they started their Eternal Life without delay. Such psychopathic callousness is of course only “defensible” on fervently-held religious grounds.

threeholerhauler (May 02, 2010, 16:41:02 PM):
A classic case of brain vs brawn. Or in this case. Brain vs Indoctrinated Moron. You should chalk this one up as a victory. As he had nothing to argue with, he had to resort to violence, or at least the threat of it.
StevoMuso (May 02, 2010, 22:39:53 PM):
Wow! You guys are WONDERFUL. Thanks for all the encouragement and "we-got-ya-back" support. I was feeling quite shaken and all freaked out with that irrational "rejection complex" that follows such incidents, but you guys have made me feel a lot better. Thanks.

I had forgotten about keeping quiet. What I mean is that I had become complacent about keeping the atheist-talk down to zero in spite of Christians insisting on "having a debate" (of which they are incapable). I think I'd forgotten because so many of the people I speak to (and forum with here and on are normal, gentle, non-confrontational skeptics and fellow atheists.

Shit - I've GOT to learn to shut my trap at gigs - I would hate to lose a gig because of some militant asshole Christian.


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