Threatened by a Christian

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StevoMuso (May 02, 2010, 02:11:51 AM):
I play in Witbank on Friday nights. After my gig this past Friday I had joined a table of regular customers for a casual "hello" and one of the guys started asking about my atheism (I usually don't tell customers I'm an atheist but these guys have known me for about a year now). Next thing another guy, whom I had not met before, leans over and says to me, "Hey! Please leave our table now!" So I say, "Why? We are just chatting and I'm answering this other guy's questions." So he says, "You offend my culture". So I replied, "Sorry, but we're just having a friendly discussion here" (or something like that).

Then this guy says to me, "Look, just f*ck off or else I will f*ck you up!" I said, "Wow, Dude, chill" and he says again "I'm going to f*ck you up ... just F*CK OFF". He got extremely aggressive with me. So I said, "Why? Are you a Christian?" He reckons, "Yes, now f*ck off" SO I said, "That is exactly what I'd expect from a Christian" and walked away. The guy was HUGE and very angry and I hadn't even spoken to him or met him before - he had just been listening in to our conversation.

BTW I see the forum automatically changes my typing to "freck" but it's not what he said.

The entire incident has left me shaken and traumatized - so much aggression directed at me for no apparent reason except not being a Christian. And do you know what else - nobody at the table (there were about 6 others) told me to stay or defended me - they all agreed and told me to leave. I am still in shock - it was terrible.

I just wanted to vent to you guys - thanks for reading. Any of you had a similar incident? This has not been the first time for me, but it was the first time someone got really aggressive.
Brian (May 02, 2010, 09:48:14 AM):
Witbank: Alcohol; Huge guy; Religion, sport, politics (race??)....BAD recipe! Move on and learn (which I know you've done) from the experience.
Rigil Kent (May 02, 2010, 11:46:28 AM):
Interesting, the reaction (or lack thereof) of the other 6 diners. It looks like they feel bound to defend what they must surely view as embarrassing behaviour. Why? The pack instinct, or fear of standing out and not being accepted?

Sorry to hear about this bucket-of-shyte. One easily forgets that the world is made up of all sorts. Most Christians in my experience at least have the decorum to tolerate an atheist or 2 in their midst, or at most just ignore the unsaved and their clearly superior arguments. I've certainly never been threatened in this way, but have rwenzori's number on speeddial just in case. ;) But at the end of the day, the atheistic path is somewhat lonely and full of social pitfalls. Courage to doubt is more than just a catchy title.

But also, you should still count yourself lucky. Aggressive, unstable types are capable of anything, and this incident could have played out A LOT worse. Just imagine the outcome if, during the heat of the argument, he reached into his polar-fleece jacket's inner pocket and pulled out a Gideon's Bible! I'll sooner take a smack in the face any day.

Mefiante (May 02, 2010, 11:58:34 AM):
Steve, yours is not the first such experience and the risible polarising narrow-mindedness of it is one major reason for opposing religion. Ironically, such poor behaviour goes against Christian teachings and, as such, is a not inconsiderable vindication of atheism. At least some people in that group will have noticed that.

Brian (May 02, 2010, 13:55:42 PM):
Steve, yours is not the first such experience and the risible polarising narrow-mindedness of it is one major reason for opposing religion.

Think back what happened to those who refused to 'conform': Inquisition; Jews/Christians martyred in the Colloseum; Conquistadores in South America; Crusaders torturing Muslims; Muslims ripping out the hearts of Christians and Jews (and the Irish?? OMG)('s sickening what intolerance, bigotry (Now Gordon Brown's favourite word :D) and stupidity can lead to.


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