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Tweefo (May 17, 2009, 09:01:13 AM):
I work mainly at schools, and came across a class room full of Bible quotes, but one was more prominent and not a Bible verse. It said "Only dead fish goes with the flow". Now I find this ironic inside this class room. The message was clear - no room for non believers. (Government school gr. 5)
Tweefo (May 22, 2009, 19:13:50 PM):
What luck for rulers that men do not think. Adolf Hitler.

I do not know if this said by Hitler or not, but if it was, what a bummer.
Wandapec (July 03, 2009, 21:12:57 PM):
I’m a skeptic not because I do not want to believe but because I want to know. - Michael Shermer, July 2009
Wandapec (October 23, 2009, 21:51:28 PM):
A whole lot of quotes in this cool video - Symphony of Science - "We are all connected" featuring people you should know.....
st0nes (October 26, 2009, 12:58:51 PM):
Do y'all have different books of the Bible than I do? Are y'all Gideons? Who are the ******' Gideons? Ever met one? NO! Ever seen one? NO! But they're all over the ******' world puttin' Bibles in hotel rooms. Every hotel room- "This Bible was placed here by a Gideon" When?! I been here all day. I ain't seen ****! I saw the housekeeper come and go. I saw the minibar guy come and go. I never laid eyes on a ******' Gideon. What are they- ninjas? Where are they? Where're they from? Gidea? What the **** are these people?

I'm gonna capture a Gideon. I'm gonna make that my hobby. I'm gonna call the front desk one day. "Yeah. I don't seem to have a Bible in my room."
Bill Hicks


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