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Rigil Kent (May 04, 2010, 15:20:14 PM):
(09:02:24) Lilli: I still see no improvement in the weather here... doesn't someone have a hotline to the weather fairies?

(11:04:08) gothcatgirl: its all god's fault

(12:58:16) (241509): It's not my fault, I'm busy with a volocano in Iceland and an oil spill in the Gulf ~ God

(13:02:29) gothcatgirl: so much for multi-taski​ng. god obviously is male.

(13:05:42) (297097): Hellooo, I sent you Malema, weather tricks are soooo yesterday ~ God

(13:08:09) (297097): And to taunt you sceptics on this forum, I sent you Teleologica​l ~ God

(13:08:59) gothcatgirl: true that. kudos.

(13:11:41) Teleological: Haha, someone feels taunted

(13:16:47) (928746): Those nasty atheists taunt me all the time, saying I don't exist. Sic 'em Teleologica​l, tell them the one about the bacterial flagellar wotsanamey thingy ~ God

(13:33:12) Teleological: Or we can just talk about teleology and purposive behaviour. Some "geniuses" seem to think it is just an illusion and does not really exist. Ask muffles the materialist about.

(13:40:03) Teleological: Perhaps you chaps here should read this; Teleology in nature: biology’s next paradigm shift?

(13:41:08) Teleological: Yes yes, before you gasp and fall off your chairs because of that word "teleology"​, just have a look.

(13:41:13) Teleological: http://talk​.thinkingmat​​2010/teleolo​gy-in-nature​-biologys-ne​xt-paradigm-​shift/

(13:41:32) (948270): Yes, that's a good one, Teleologica​l, you are one of my creations that I am proud of, the others being Ken Hamm and Jerry Falwell. And don't let this muffles upset you ~ God

(13:46:28) Teleological: Oh don't worry, the narcisistic tendencies of neverhasbee​ns don't bother me

(13:47:46) Teleological: nevergonnab​es are just as useless honestly, but we all ove you

(13:54:33) (185035): Tsk, tsk, you must stop this habit of projecting Teleologica​l ~ God
Teleological (May 05, 2010, 07:48:22 AM):
Wonder what kind of thoughts went through your mind here Mintaka ;D:

(19:09:29) Teleological: Mintaka, have you found your mind or do you still think it it is possible that the mind is a mere illusion and just a chemically predetermin​ed reflex :P?
(19:25:37) Mintaka: Yep. Reflex. All of it. Pure chemistry. Thoughts do not exist.

Too good to be lost forever indeed.
cyghost (May 05, 2010, 13:27:51 PM):
The moment one god makes an apperance, others are soon to follow... will the *real* God please stand up?

(09:51:29) (915560): After that Abraham & Isaac fiasco, I thought about it for a few days (for youse ous, that's a few millennia). I made and sent the Tellybanana to test you doubting lot. Not my finest moment, I admit, but I thought you should know because I have a plan ~ God
(09:53:49) (120319): Oi, stop stealing my thunder you god imposter!!! I'll smite your hairy arse ~ The REAL God
(10:03:50) (233983): Oh, you're such a thor loser sometimes ~ Prime God No. 1 Deus Ex Moccha
(10:04:00) (569397): Jeez, I turn my back for a bit and some second rate god tries to take over ~ The REAL God
(10:06:11) (569397): You're just upset coz I told everyone you have a hairy arse , don't push me I'll change my mind and put that hair on your hand, ~ The Real God
(10:50:08) (957442): Smite away, powder puff. Jesus H Christ, you know, these pushy upstart dilettante gods, always a few commandment​s short of a Decalogue. Then they wanna get all smitey on their boss' hairy ass. Never heard of Veet, either. Damn amateurs! ~ ∞God∞
(11:02:33) (360612): Is that you projecting again, Teleologica​l. Oh, it's another wannabe trying to take over my job. Listen Buster, you're a thrid away from total blasphemy, just pick on the Holy Spook and I'll go all Vin Diesel on your ass ~ The REAL God
(11:04:22) (360612): Oh shit, morning doobie stuffed up spelling again ~ The REAL God
(11:26:56) mdg: This is why I'm an Atheist....​.too many gods.
Lilli (June 10, 2010, 11:57:47 AM):
(07:14:25) cyghost: Friday comes on a Tursday this week!!!
(07:43:36) Lilli: Spaghetti be praised!
(10:19:23) cyghost: Lilly, that is why we in the know follow G and not that heretic SpaghettiBa​lls Craeture - G provides!
(11:23:19) gothcatgirl: gotta love em noodly appendages
(11:37:08) cyghost: Shabbat Shalom
(11:52:35) gothcatgirl: shabbat. is that the same as shattap?
Rigil Kent (September 29, 2010, 20:17:46 PM):
(15:41:30) GCG: worsknors - he came, he saw, he stfu
(16:16:44) Hermes: veni vidi worsie, moenie ons tyd morsie.


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