Free psychic readings!!

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BoogieMonster (July 09, 2012, 13:26:33 PM):
My business is going through difficult times.

Make it a religion.
Rigil Kent (July 09, 2012, 13:35:23 PM):
non physics
Metaphysically super! 8)
Mefiante (July 09, 2012, 17:31:57 PM):
Fears confirmed:

cr1t (July 10, 2012, 08:56:54 AM):
I was wondering why google is showing me psychic reading adds everywhere.

Seems it also does not get satire.

beLIEf (July 11, 2012, 22:21:09 PM):
As much fun as we have with this thread with the unsuspecting world that doesnt read the whole thing, perhaps we should consider moving it to the members only section. I've received a PM asking for help.... I feel a tad guilty (I know I shouldnt) but there are so many people out there floundering around looking for guidance, and whilst we can pop the psychic bubble with much glee, it still doesnt give anybody the real guidance and help they seek.

Am I being too sensitive here? Thoughts?

Although the tongue- in cheekness is fun ( for us) I think it is actually helpful to the "lost souls" asking for readings when you point out that it's all bullshit and give them other links.. although they are maybe unlikely to pick it up, plus it;s lots of effort for those replying


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