Funny video of Dawkins on Colbert report...


qrios (October 19, 2006, 14:53:53 PM):

About the release of his book, The God delusion...

(To be taken with pinch of salt) ;D
bluegray (October 19, 2006, 18:00:19 PM):
Which part of the interview needs salt? ;)
qrios (October 19, 2006, 18:04:42 PM):
The comment was just a shield to fence off any possible biased attacks..
bluegray (October 19, 2006, 18:25:43 PM):
No shield necessary ;)
It was quite funny
qrios (October 19, 2006, 18:34:00 PM):
I so wish DSTV would bring Comedy Central and Sci-Fi(back) to SA. >:(
In a recent survey they found that the news coverage etc were actually more extensive on Comedy Central than on CNN/FOX/BBC.
The Americans who watched Comedy Central actually knew more about the news than those who watch the regular news channels.

At least they have a Comedy Central World edition on CNN on Sundays. For those that don't know Jon Steward... Good place to see him.... ;D


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