This whole site(A Wiki rip-off) is quite funny


qrios (September 27, 2006, 08:12:56 AM):

Evolution is a religious theory that has been proven to be completely wrong by Biblical Science. Evolution explains why we evolved to survive and after billions of years everything went wrong, and we still die when a fly steps on shit and then on our food, and why the microorganism in the foot of the fly doesn't die but gets a great dinner. It is a process that allows dinosaurs to lay chicken eggs and monkeys to give birth to humans. Usually evolution is seen to be a sign of progress, but this doesn't explain George W. Bush. Evolution was a popular pseudoscience in the late twentieth century, before scientists finally proved the truth of Creationism.

Evolution is not mere science; it is also a history. It tells us of the very likely consensus of our inanimate and dead ancestors billions and billions of years ago wherein they agreed to form themselves (ala Voltes V) into the first living single-celled organism on a (cuss word) primordial soup (if you want to know how to create such an exquisite soup, please refer to cookbooks, but please don't eat it, it's inedible). How they were able to form a consensus on a (cuss word) primordial soup (which is freakin' inedible), even though they were dead, only the faithful evolutionists know. It is indeed a miracle!
bluegray (September 27, 2006, 10:02:05 AM):
You might say it puts the "psych!" in "encyclopedia".


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