Another wonder of GPS technology .... or maybe not?

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brianvds (August 06, 2013, 14:03:12 PM):
There was a Libertarian Party (LP) in SA as long as 30 years ago already. It fell apart in the late 90s (IIRC) owing to too many irrelevant squabbles about what Ayn Rand really meant,

That's always the problem with libertarians.

and it was succeeded by another flash-in-the-pan party with a strong libertarian bent calling itself the KISS Party (Keep It Straight and Simple). That one, too, died in short order as a result of a similar failure to herd cats.

And that is another problem with libertarianism in general: they are by definition not herd animals. :-)

Perhaps you’re thinking of the Ubuntu Party? If so, you ought to know that its founder, Michael Tellinger, is a total conspiracy- and UFO nut who also buys wholesale into several other irrationalities*. While that doesn’t mean his heart’s not in the right place, it does leave one to wonder where his head’s at in terms of how he means to realise his cultish and frankly unrealistic visions.

Don't know about this one. Libertarians are often conspiracy nuts. Mistrust government enough, and you will believe any dark tales about the government.

I do not necessarily want a libertarian party to win an election, mind you. But I think we can do with a libertarian voice in government. If they ever look like they are going to win an election, I may well start voting against them. :-)

However, at the moment we are in far more danger of a naive and ultimately rather repressive nanny state, or ending up with the likes of Julius Malema as president.
Mefiante (August 06, 2013, 14:09:07 PM):
Rigil, Emma is now married to Vaulter von Bankencuckootoblerone.

Brianvds, please don’t get me wrong. In principle I also identify strongly with libertarian values. I suspect that most individuals raised in modern secular liberal democracies would do likewise. The problem is basic human nature where inevitably some individuals will constantly jockey for strategic advantage/status/position at the expense of others, and/or attempt to arrogate laissez-faire for themselves alone, all the while denying it to others. In such circumstances, minimalist government leaves the door wide open to abuses by Big Business. On the other hand, too much government usually impedes all growth (other than its own) and also usually results in increasing government abuses.

Unfortunately, nobody’s yet figured out the magic formula. Maybe there isn’t one because humanity is too volatile in its pursuits.

cr1t (August 06, 2013, 14:17:01 PM):
Penn from Penn and Teller, is a big libertarian, I never really took them seriously until I heard him speak about it.
Rigil Kent (August 06, 2013, 16:04:43 PM):
Rigil, Emma is now married to Vaulter von Bankencuckootoblerone.

I've often wondered about that chocolate. For instance, is it really made from cow's milk or is it simply an ozonolytic product of Switzerland's vast natural reserves of bistoblerene.

The unusual shape of the boxes can at least be easily explained by considering that any other cardboard format would leave the candy severely sterically hindered.

C =O

Consequently, Toblerone boxes are often called iupacs.

Mefiante (August 06, 2013, 16:44:45 PM):

There’s another theory concerning the familiar Toblerone shape. Every Swiss chocolate vendor allegedly carries a secret stash of Toblerone that’s in the shape of a normal slab and subtly relabelled “Toblerzero”. (“Tobler” is Swiss mountaintop slang for a sharp poke.) However, said secret stash is for sale only to people known to be Swiss citizens who have been sworn to silence, as identified by their greenish-brown lederhosen and unintelligible speaking manner. The Toblerone known to outsiders is a directed Swiss assault on the rest of humanity. Its aim appears to be to quite simple: spreading cleft palates.



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