Are you a militant Atheist?

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Faerie (August 23, 2010, 14:46:23 PM):
Have'nt got a lot of time - but I managed to glance through this and figured that if we lot were the Taliban, we'd have taken over the world by now.....

It's common to hear religious theists complain about "militant atheists," but just what is a militant atheist? What separates militant atheists from regular (pacifist?) atheists? It's not always easy to tell and the people most likely to call atheists "militant" seem to be the least likely to try to explain the label. So here is a guide to militant atheism derived from the sorts of situations where religious theists insist that atheists are being too militant and demand that atheists be quiet or otherwise behave more deferentially towards religion, religious beliefs, and religious institutions.

I'm a pacifist at the best of times, but according to this, I'm ready to take up arms for my cause.....

and the comments are an interesting glance as well:
GCG (August 23, 2010, 15:19:32 PM):
oops, seems im more militant than i thought. oh well, so much for that then.
bring the batons and burning tyres!!
Lilli (August 23, 2010, 15:41:56 PM):
Admitting you're an atheist can upset some religious theists – especially Christians.... So, if you tell people you're an atheist instead of staying in the closet, you're a militant atheist. Religious theists, however, are not militant if they regularly engage people (even strangers) about their religious ideology.

Yeah - that seems fair. ::)
And the rest of the article carries on much the same way. I like the author. And some of the comments. Thanks Faerie.
(by the way, are we assuming that the woos think being militant is a bad thing? Just curious)
BoogieMonster (August 23, 2010, 16:18:01 PM):
Yeah, this sounds about right. Being atheist and saying it out loud within earshot of another human being is considered "militant". In fact, just last week AT Stevo's talk one of the mensans I happened to recognize as a friend-of-a-friend came to me and once again I got the reasoning to the effect of: "If I was an atheist I wouldn't feel I need to tell anyone about it. I dunno why these atheists get so chatty about it, or write books... why don't they just shut up and get on with their lives". 2 seconds later I told him *I* was an atheist (he was working on a completely different assumption) and highlighted him some inconsistencies with that. :D
GCG (August 23, 2010, 16:28:16 PM):
why dont xtians just shutup and get on with their lives, and stop writing books about it?
there are, page for page, hundreds, if not thousands, of books more about god and his cronies, than atheism. hypocrisy, anybody?
and for people who have to have little 'how cool are we' meetings per month, aka mensa, that is allso a bit stuck up their own bottom. sitting there looking at the rest of world down their noses. coz they have BRAINS. whatever dude.
there are books about collecting belly-botton fluff, and breeding horses, and photography.... everybody should just shut the freck up too then?
people write books because they choose to share what they have found, or learnt, with people who are interrested in learning. if you arent interrested, then dont buy the book. duh?!
i wonder how many of those clever people have published works, on like, molecular biology, quantum physics. 90% of the world doesnt give a rat's ass about it. so they should just shut up about it.

i have very little time for stuckups like that.


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