Are you a Cold Soul or Loving Puppy

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Superman (September 15, 2011, 15:39:09 PM):
(wtf!!) Just read the article again. You can count me in for scientific skepticism. Sorry my bad! Cant be turned on the Philosophical Skepticism, never will!

Thought it good that I should give a reason why i.e. philosophical skepticism questions our ability to claim any knowledge about the nature of the world and how we perceive it. Sorry for the edit.
Rigil Kent (September 19, 2011, 21:25:08 PM):
Getting back to the original question of whether to trust or not to trust. I too would blindly follow a stranger's advice on trivial matters, possibly with significant ones, but definately not with those that are potentially life changing. I'll be surprised if most people do not feel this way.

Also, common sense does not automatically make one a cold soul.



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