Are you a Cold Soul or Loving Puppy

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Superman (September 14, 2011, 10:28:11 AM):
Hello All,

I would like to ask your thoughts on a subject.
Do you believe humans are inherently good?
E.g. when you meet someone for the first time are you:
a) Careful trying to figure out if he is trustworthy.
b) Consider him trustworthy until the he shows himself unstrustworthy.

Of course if anybody considers me anything but a cold soul would be foolish but then people dont know that outright ;D


PS Dont think to much about it, would be interesting to know your first thoughts. If you like add a good joke about it. Lets not over analyse it.
cyghost (September 14, 2011, 11:48:40 AM):
I don't think anybody is inherently good or bad.

When I meet new people I tend to consider them trustworthy while careful trying to figure out whether they are.

If a stranger tells me he or she wants a R1000 from me and will return it with interest in two days, I'll tend not to believe him or her. If the same stranger tells me I have to drive two km and then turn right at the next robot when I ask him or her directions, I tend to follow that directions and not automatically suspect such a person of leading me into an ambush.

Brian (September 14, 2011, 12:27:05 PM):
I think it depends on your own self image...I tend to assess people as individuals instead of putting them into one or other pigeon hole. People with low self esteem will I think, tend to be more suspicious of others. People build up a profile in my mind which is a function of my subjective value systems and exposure to the individual. The profile ultimately does tend to "pigeon hole" them in any event.
Superman (September 14, 2011, 14:49:44 PM):
@ Brain, very interesting and insightful response.

0:)'subjective value system' when I know more (and I have a quite a bit still to learn) hopefully we can have fun debating this. That is if you like that kind of thing.

But would anybody dare to commit to a viewpoint >:D
Jacques (September 14, 2011, 15:07:19 PM):
It's easy to report from the point of view of one's experiences now, but that doesn't quite answer the question of what we are 'inherently'. And that question has to a large extent been answered by evolutionary biology, game theory, etc. We're inherently self-interested (not necessarily selfish), and that self-interest frequently translates into various altruistic behaviours in both human and non-human animals. As for the view from here-and-now, you're going to get wildly different reports based on where people live, their experiences to date and so forth. For example, when I recently visited Oslo, a local couple simply gave their house keys to a young Irish couple who were visiting (for the same event I was there for), and went away for the weekend. They had never met this couple before. That would probably not happen in SA.


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