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Mefiante (April 03, 2012, 10:45:36 AM):
@ Mefiante: gods, I wish I had your skill with words...
Merci most kindly. ;)

Do you speak in the same manner as you write?
It depends. When writing, I try to keep my meaning precise while preserving clarity so as to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding. There are circumstances, e.g. formally presenting technical feedback to clients, or discussions on technical matters, where similar care is needed where I consciously choose my words and sentences carefully. In normal day-to-day circumstances, my verbal exchanges are considerably less formal. As a matter of fact, I occasionally throw in a strategic fucking swearword… :o

Superman (April 03, 2012, 10:49:39 AM):
I really hate religion like nobody I know. And I really think kids should learn about evolution and science but threatening to remove someone's children is a bad idea period. It reminds me of myself and some crazy ideas I got in my own head about environment & sexuality the other day.
brianvds (April 03, 2012, 11:12:49 AM):
...environment & sexuality ...

Oh, screw the environment... ;D
Brian (April 03, 2012, 11:22:52 AM):
Mefiante's point about 'happiness' is critical as it is in itself a human construct and IMHO very subjective. Oprah aired a show some time ago (yes I actually watched some of her shit (wtf!!))that stated that Danes (in Denmark) are the happiest nation on earth and at the same the least religious. This would fly in the face of what beLIEF said. In all these so-called sociological studies one needs to subject the scientific rigor of the research to the n-th degree. My take (a subjective interpretation and adaptation of Objectivism) on 'happiness' is the following (from "Moses was a Liar") where the heroine lambasts a Jesuit priest:

"What do you know priest, about happiness? Your church as well as others have spread misery throughout the world and you grow from strength to strength on the corpses of those you have destroyed and persecuted in the name of love. The ‘happiness’ you and those before you preached was conditional; conditional upon the sacrifice of your mind, upon the sacrifice of your individuality and the sacrifice of your self-esteem. True happiness can only come from within; it is not something a deity can give or bestow upon man; happiness is a condition brought about by the achievement of one’s goals; happiness comes about through activities which seek to find a balance between reason, ambition and virtue. Happiness can never come at the expense of another person; happiness is not the equivalent of an absence of fear or evil or even of unhappiness. Happiness comes about when man succeeds in achieving his or her personal goals, goals which they believe will make them happy, in achieving recognition for this from those they respect and love, and from the rewards of such achievement. It is not a gift bestowed upon a person such as one bestows upon a child. It does not come from material goods, wealth or power unless such reward was justified by the creation of value and virtue. That is not the happiness I am referring to. I pity you priest; your happiness will only come about when you convert me or destroy me in the attempt to do so; you will consequently die an unhappy, unfulfilled man."
Mefiante (April 03, 2012, 11:31:14 AM):
I love that excerpt, Brian. Brilliant stuff.



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