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Brian (April 03, 2012, 13:22:09 PM):
Appreciation from you is reward indeed Mefiante...Thanx :)
BoogieMonster (April 03, 2012, 17:30:25 PM):
It almost sounds like something Rand could've penned. You seem to have a similar style.
Brian (April 03, 2012, 19:33:32 PM):
I've read every Rand book and also her published letters so it should be no surprise that her style and indeed much of her philosophy has rubbed off on me. However, there are major differences: her linguistic skill and absolute discipline with thoughts far surpasses mine; also I don't agree with all her philosophies such as her stand about the right of a democracy such as the US to invade countries with different (not necessarily hostile) beliefs or non-democratic governments or her stand on environmentalism etc. But then times have changed. But thanks anyway BM, I take your comment as a compliment.
BoogieMonster (April 03, 2012, 22:27:45 PM):
It is, and I agree. I like Rand but saying it out loud is prone to getting critisism for things I also don't agree with.
beLIEf (April 04, 2012, 09:03:00 AM):
What exactly is a "decent education"? The stuff they teach at government schools (which turn out record numbers of illiterate and innumerate matriculants)?

The SA education is a long way from perfect or decent if we look at the Eastern Cape. I fail to see how you can get to Gr12 and be illiterate. The system requires that you repeat your grade until you pass or pass with support. So what exactly do you mean by "illiterate?" And I would be interested to see your source of "record numbers". There could be record numbers of learners failing, which is still amazing considering the 30% pass rate, but I think illiterate and innumerate is inaccurate.

What I meant by "decent" was at least the OPPORTUNITY to be exposed to different world views. So yes that may also mean the other things people on this forum would not necessarily agree with, but in terms of holistic learning and having the freedom to make up your own mind as a growing adult; I will stand by that being "decent".

And what if the fundies flatly refuse to expose their kids to evolution? We'll soon be in a position where we would have no choice but to threaten to remove their children. It is all unnecessary: I am not aware of any clear evidence that the home schooled fundie children in fact end up more ignorant or uneducated or unskilled than the vast bulk of children "educated" in state schools.

Who's "we"? We as in the people on here discussing it are not in a position to do anything about it! And as far as I can see the government certainly wouldn't be in that position due to the constitution - Freedom of religion.

I agree with freedom of religion entirely, but also the freedom to explore, question and make up your own mind not be brainwashed.


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