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Jane of the Jungle (October 01, 2009, 20:07:08 PM):
Wow i have read this entire thread now and find this type of discussion absolutely fascinating. My question remains: whether or not a person believes in whichever god or no god at all - why does it matter?

I am with Irreverend on this.

All or most of us wont have a problem with a 5 yrs old who believe the Tooth Fairy exists, and allow them to live in their “wonder world” for time being. If they however turn 15 and still believes in it, would it be fair from us to allow it, even though we know there is no such thing or no evidence of it? Where do we draw the line then?
Do we apply the rules of rationality when it comes to Santa and the Tooth Fairy but not on religion and approve of our children growing up irrational or delusional, because this was what our forefathers and their forefathers believed? In the end it does matter because we are where we are today, because of ignorance!
So it does matter to me, but that is only my opinion :)
BoogieMonster (October 02, 2009, 16:12:45 PM):
I have to agree. Does it matter? If it affects other people it matters.

It resists expanding our understanding of the universe:
The Americans are having a row over teaching of evolution in schools.
There's a whole museum built to illustrate the "truth" of creationism... people living with dinosaurs, etc.
Stem-cell research...
The shape of the earth....

They like to force their ideas on others. Just witness the debate over religion in SA state schools.

It causes violence and hatred:
See most of the globe. But lets name Israel as an example, and Ireland.

Even on a personal level it limits people into unhappy lives:
Wanna get divorced? We don't think so... Oh, and about having that abortion... or same sex marriage... or living together...

The ideas in their heads may seem harmless. But the effect of those ideas are felt by the entire human race. Whether you agree with them or not. And the sad fact is, they will pass those ideas on to their children. Thus the idea is not just limited to their own head. They infect the heads of their offspring too.


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