Expropriation of land without compensation.

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brianvds (April 10, 2018, 10:39:56 AM):
Yup. Without proper training and support, land will not give dignity to the new farmers; it will effectively remove it. Unless said farmers can sell their land and buy property in the city.

From what I understand this is already happening and part of the problem. The govt. paid farmer X rand and then turned the land over to the people who immediately sold it back to said farmer for X - Y rand. Farmer got a nice payout, people took money and did whatever, taxpayer fitted the bill. Everyone is outraged that they still don't have land cause the stats don't change all that much.

The problem here is that farmers get paid more than what the farm is worth. Apart from this, I have no problem with farmers buying back their own land. But a record needs to be kept of this - you can't confiscate the same piece of land over and over.
Brian (April 10, 2018, 12:52:25 PM):
It is a strange phenomenon that only 'blacks' are clamouring for land...from a racial perspective, Indians arrived here under dire circumstances and were essentially slaves: today they are an elite group with many highly qualified professionals as well as farmers (especially in sugar cane): they did not subscribe to an entitlement mentality but got on with life....I wonder how much "indian"-land will be targeted....and in view of the fact that Chinese are considered to be BEE will they be entitled to land as well???
Mefiante (April 10, 2018, 18:52:18 PM):
On SA land ownership. The usual picture presented is woefully distorted, mostly owing to the state’s and government’s bumbling and fumbling of the issue.

Tweefo (April 11, 2018, 12:10:03 PM):
Who gets what? Even on the same, not very big, mielie field, you get your patch that produces more and the patch that produces less. Maybe the topsoil layer is deeper or one side of the field is to close to some big Bluegum trees. To give everybody a piece of land, that mielie field will have to be cut up into many (0.5ha or 0.1ha?) plots. On the same farm, you get ploughable fields and grazing fields. Obviously, the potential income is not going to be the same on every plot. The carrying capacity for livestock does not really change between two farms next to each other, but the yields with crop farming do, so the income on two farms, of the same size next to each other, is different. Farms in different districts or provinces? Very different yields. Is it going to be a lotto draw on who gets the good piece on the good farm in the right district? Or will a "facilitation" fee or the right connections help one to get a good plot?


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