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Hermes (March 30, 2011, 14:51:30 PM):
Isn't there a concept of DNA based "knowledge" that you gain at birth too? Things like being able to breastfeed and having sexual drive, etc.
I think you are referring to what is commonly known as instinct. Our brains cannot be blank slates when we are born. Certain "knowledge" must have been captured already prior to birth. Birth should not be seen as a neurologically significant event. The more primitive species rely more on instinct, as you have pointed out. The propensity to act in a specific way would then be stronger. Individual bees don't have much choice in how they construct their honeycomb.
st0nes (March 30, 2011, 15:20:22 PM):
You may have a genetic propensity to be an Olympic swimming champion a la Michael Phelps but ... die stuck to a chair with maggot glue because you were too lazy to get off your sorry arse and into the pool.


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