is this sexual harassment

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Faerie (January 21, 2011, 07:42:32 AM):
but i mean, surely, one doesnt have to be exposed to this kind of behaviour, especially where we work.

I feel for you.... :-\

Cant you speak to another manager and maybe get someone like Chata Romana ( to come spend a morning with the ladies about wardrope for work/social. She's pretty good I hear and doesnt hold her punches when it comes to critique.

Screaming jesus, look at this:
GCG, this is the conservative version of what you are dealing with - it hurts my head just looking at it.
cyghost (January 21, 2011, 08:28:10 AM):
All the other women in the office should dress like her for a couple of days.
just be sure to let us know when and where...
StevoMuso (January 21, 2011, 09:36:06 AM):
Interesting link, thanks Faerie. Some of those women look STUNNING after their make-overs (especially the first one, and the third one).
st0nes (January 21, 2011, 11:58:07 AM):
Get a senior (read older) - (preferably male) colleague to take her aside and attempt to gently explain to her that she looks like the high school floozy instead of the blonde bombshell she imagines herself to be.
Now that would be sexual harrasment. Far better to have a quiet word in the boss's ear and get him to set out the company's dress code to everyone, so nobody feels singled out. If that doesn't effect an improvement, then the boss has grounds to carpet her for looking like a skanky ho. Does she have to deal with customers?
GCG (January 21, 2011, 12:33:45 PM):
she is mostly holed up in her office, but we have a mostly male (black) contingent of office staff. she does go along on meetings with the bank or sars, and i cant recall now what she looked like then. but there is literally not a day, when the lace of her bra isnt sticking out, or her ass is showing, and there is allways plenty cleavage. i honestly think, that its common. even if you were young and hot, you keep that kind of outfits for when you go jolling, or posing for playboy.
nobody likes her, she interrupts private conversations, and is loud. apart from the fact that i like her not at all, i really do think, that if you hold the title of financial manager, you should fit the part.
every girl has a day when she wears a top that bra strap shows, or an occasional bit of lace showing by accident, but she seems completely shameless.
the big boss, is too clueless and stuck in his own head to notice, and MD is too polite and everybody else is too pissy to rock the boat. but i feel like im going to comment about her saggy, wrinkly tits, soon, and end up with a warning letter.
our company is very laid back, and you pretty much wear what the hell ever you feel like, so i will rock up in short and flops. BUT, not short-shorts, and eventhough i dont have enough boobies to show, they are covered sufficiently. eventhough i am able to show my midriff, i dont. i am at work, after all.
i feel, that, if this was some young girl, fresh out of school or college, it can be excused for naivety, but she has been working (supposedly) as some hot-shot at nedbank. how the freck did she not get roasted for her appearance there?
and no wonder she can only find work here? imagine of she rocks up for an interview with her bad facelift, hair in the eyes, plastered makeup, and her tits ordering tea?

call me koekerig, but that's not how you dress for work.


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