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bluegray (October 02, 2007, 01:08:06 AM):
I would like to list here any groups or organizations active in South Africa. Please provide contact info if you know of anything in your region - or want to start your own ;)

Neo-Socratics (Port Elizabeth)
Freethinking Maties (Stellenbosch)
Mefiante (October 04, 2007, 13:37:04 PM):
Neither of the following really fall into the category of South African "groups or organizations" of a sceptical orientation; rather, they are blogs by SAns and are definitely worth periodic visits:

01 and The Universe
Pickled Bushman

Who knows? Perhaps a group or organisation may yet spring from one or both of them.

bluegray V, please feel free to move this post wherever you think it is best kept.

Owen Swart (January 16, 2008, 12:47:10 PM):
Perhaps a group or organisation may yet spring from one or both of them.

Indeed it has! Some fellow Trekkie sceptics and I have started a little group of our own called Special Scientific Operations (SciOps). We hope to get involved in the hands-on type activities that characterise groups like the CSI and the Australian Skeptics.

It's been a bit of a slow start: so far all we've managed to produce is a challenge to Danie Krugel that has been entirely ignored by Mr Locator. But we have some ideas and plans brewing, and we expect to have plenty to keep us busy in 2008.

The SciOps team doesn't yet have its own website. Instead we're currently inhabiting a section on the website of our parent organisation, the USS Dauntless (a Star Trek fan club based in Joburg). This can be viewed at www.sasfa.org/dauntless.

I can be reached at owen.swart@gmail.com, or we can be found chatting it up on Google Groups and Facebook.

Please feel free to pop in and drop us a hail. We're very enthusiastic about our new endeavour, and gladly welcome any questions or suggestions our fellow SA sceptics might have to offer.

Thanks for the reference!

CAPT Owen Swart
Officer in Charge
Special Scientific Operations
USS Dauntless NCC-74214
STARFLEET International

Mefiante (January 17, 2008, 10:24:19 AM):
Hello CaptainKlingon (or would you prefer "Owen"? Or "Captain Swart", perhaps?), thank you for the SciOps information, and welcome to the forum.

Data gathered from here (the "Locator" thread), your blog and the USS Dauntless page all convergently suggest that SciOps is currently occupied with a single case only, namely that of Danie Krugel. Krugel's responses (or rather, lack thereof) are strongly reminiscent of a zombie: ponderously blundering forth as if the challenges and objections simply didn't exist.

If it is true that SciOps is only looking into the one case mentioned above, might I hope that it will be intrigued enough by the Wayne Herschel case to investigate? The Herschel case involves aliens, space travel, archaeological artefacts and many other features that should beam up any committed Trekkie's heart with fascination. ;)

Or maybe just a hearty horselaugh. :-\

Owen Swart (January 17, 2008, 10:37:14 AM):
Owen is fine, but you can call me "Sir" if you like ;)

So far we have indeed only tackled one case in earnest. We have also made a bit of a fuss over the incursion that LifeWave appears to be making into the South African market, but the ASASA's decision is pending and we don't want to make much of a public noise about it until it's been concluded.

We currently have some plans in discussion to expand our case file. Thanks for the tip on Wayne Herschel... anything to do with aliens and space-travel is right up our alley! We shall look into that one with relish!



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