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Jane of the Jungle (May 05, 2009, 16:49:19 PM):
In other words, the air composition would be an evolutionary driver, and the successive generations of organisms would adapt to the air composition over a very long period of time indeed.


Hi Mintaka,

Speaking of which, did you watch "Evolve" on History channel, Sunday 3rd May? I have recorded it and must say I got only half way watching it still, but according to them, the oxygen levels of earth approximately 260m yrs ago(according to fossils)
were approx 30% whereto it is only about 21% now. Because of the high oxygen levels, bugs grew MASSIVE :o Dragon flies ancestors with a wingspan of almost one metre! Darn I'm glad the oxy level went down lol
Just wonder if this mean, insects would shrink away much more in future??? Could do without flies and mosquito's though lol
Oh yeah and apparently Humans will grow taller :o

Anyways, only a piece of useful interesting info (Love this Nat Geo's and Evo recent programs)
Rigil Kent (May 05, 2009, 18:09:41 PM):
Hello Jane and welcome here.

No, I'm afraid I only have access to those excellent dish channels when visiting the in-laws. Which is to say almost never.

The big bugs hypothesis makes sense because an insect's growth is supposedly limited by its ineffective respiratory system. So if the atmosphere was richer in O2, they may get a bit bigger.

Funny that humans are getting taller though - always thought that there is more oxygen closer to the ground. ;)

Jane of the Jungle (May 05, 2009, 21:35:20 PM):

Humans growing taller, also amazed me, since so many people imply that humans get smaller, but
I suppose the reason for this could be the fact that food is so readily available?
If you apply the law of nature on it, then yeah I suppose us human could stretch over time. (Having some REAL Big foots one day)
Seeing that you don't visit the in-laws that often :D, I saw a National Geo on human remains they found
On a Island (can't remember exactly where) Anyway, according to the fossils and tests, these people
Lived on the Island approx 10 000yrs ago, but it seems like they over populated the Island and there wasn’t enough food for all. But the amazing thing is, that they Evolved within 3000yrs, from normal Size, to dwarf size adults, amazing!

Barryl (May 19, 2009, 09:10:00 AM):
Hi Everybody,

Just Received a copy of "Quantum Gods" by Victor Stenger

Geoff Gilpin's evaluation

"Stenger confronts mainstream theologians and New Age gurus - anyone who tries to link physics to mysticism.He takes their theories seriously enough to examine them in detail and he finds that, so far, none of them live up to the standards of scientific truth.....The world has needed a book like this for a long time. If you care about scientific literacy, Quantum Gods is not optional."

He also wrote:"God: The Failed Hypothesis - How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist."

Happy reading.

stuartvo (May 27, 2009, 17:00:32 PM):
I found a site (the online version of a dead-tree publication) which is a devastating de-construction of Christianity and the Bible. : Rejection of Pascal's Wager.

BTW, how do I add a decorated URL, e.g. making the text "Rejection of Pascal's Wager" into a hyperlink going to the URL?

Jane of the Jungle: It's been my understanding that humans have become taller over the millenia due to improved nutrition, not evolution. After all, even 10ky is too short for definitive evolutionary traits to emerge. Unless you're a fruit-fly, of course. ;)


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