South African Skeptics in the pub

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bluegray (September 21, 2009, 22:42:44 PM):
Click here to participate in the survey. The survey is open from now until Friday, 25 September 2009. I will compile the results on the 26th and notify all respondents of the results right here and on the Facebook group page.
That's quite a nice survey page you have there - nice work!
AcinonyxScepticus (September 26, 2009, 19:39:37 PM):
That's quite a nice survey page you have there - nice work!

Thank you, although all the hard work in designing a feedback form is done by Google Docs which means that I can't take a lot of credit.

On the other hand, I have compiled the results of the survey in a PDF document for which I can take full credit :). The results are now available here for all interested parties.

Peter Grant (November 03, 2009, 19:20:16 PM):
Good thing I checked the Facebook page, nearly missed it:

Sceptics in the Pub - Joburg
Location:Dros, Greenstone
Time:7:00PM Wednesday, November 4th
BoogieMonster (November 03, 2009, 21:10:10 PM):
The Dros website doesn't list any "Greenstone" branch. Where is this?
Mandarb (November 04, 2009, 07:37:52 AM):
It's the Dros Edenmeadows branch. On Van Riebeeck road, if you take the Modderfontein offramp on the N3


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