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skepticdetective (October 30, 2008, 19:52:44 PM):
Hey South African Skeptics!

Hey skeptics

The "skeptics in the pub" is a gathering which is growing in popularity in skeptical communities in the UK and USA.

I was thinking of starting a similar get-together for South African skeptics. I'd like to do our first Skeptics in the pub in a few weeks. There is a lekker pub in Randburg called "Tony's". It has a great atmosphere with pool tables, dart board and, most importantly, cheap drinks.

Every Monday they do a stand up comedy evening which starts at 20h30. I'd like to propose that we meet on Monday the 10th of November at 18h30. We can get to know each other and anyone who feels like it can stay for the comedy afterwards.

Tony's is at the Malanshof Shopping centre, Cnr Hans Schoeman & Phillip le Roux, Malanshof, Randburg.

Who's interested?
AcinonyxScepticus (October 31, 2008, 06:38:49 AM):
That sounds great, count me in. :)

I'm writing an exam the next morning (coincidentally it will be less than 1km away from Tony's) so I don't think I'll stay late but I definitely will be there for a couple of hours.

skepticdetective (October 31, 2008, 18:43:21 PM):
Awesome! I think it'll be great to meet you James, so I know who keeps giving me skeptical smack-downs :)
maydont (November 01, 2008, 02:24:02 AM):
I'll be keen to get involved once back in SA (next year). One possible area of recruitment is Mensa (I reckon there would be a lot of overlap here). They have SIGs (special interest groups) and perhaps combining this meeting with a sceptic SIG would be a good idea.
Mefiante (November 01, 2008, 14:57:56 PM):
Approaching Mensa might be an option but my own experiences with SA’s Mensa chapter have been uniformly less than encouraging, comprising such things as free energy machines, the nutritional woo-woo of a prominent but self-styled SA “expert,” Feng Shui and several other fanciful subjects. While these things can readily be dismissed as “discussion of interesting topics,” it is simply alarming how many Mensans are at least equally prone to woo-woo as the average Jane and Joe. The essential problem, I think, is that Mensans are hard to disabuse of their ill-founded notions because they are on average more able and inventive when deploying quasi-defences of nonsense, and compounding such ability with more-than-occasional “Oh, I’m so very clever” puffery. Members tend to drown out criticism with sheer weight of intellect.

Sadly, the ISPE (formerly “SPE”), which accepts as members only the top 0.1% in terms of cognitive ability as opposed to Mensa’s 2%, is insufficiently represented in SA.



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