The Bush War

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Tweefo (June 06, 2012, 13:02:13 PM):
Daily Maverick had a story about the bush war that we were involved in the 1980's. A Facebook group "BORDER WAR 1966-1989" don't like the article. I remember the incident about the mortar. That happened about 6 months after my time. I think this a fairly good description of army live although I would not say we were turned into monsters. We were not angels but had a job to do. We just tried to get the two years over as painlessly as possible. We did not volunteer. You could refuse and go to prison for two? years, but very few did, we were brought up this way and you did not think about it.
I saw some stuff that was not suppose to happen. That can not be "spin doctored" away, that is true, but there are always three sides to a story. There is my side, your side and the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think this Batista guy has got a story, the "BORDER WAR 1966-1989" group's got a story but I think the truth, judging by some of the comments, is closer to Batista's story.
Faerie (June 06, 2012, 14:00:07 PM):
I'm utterly grateful my sons dont have to do military service...

A touching story and it freaked me out all over again that my generation men was forced to do this. I have seen friends and family go off to "fight the war", and it was part of the scenery in those days. Now, with a couple years of life experience behind me, I can recall how they "grew up" during those two years, which everybody proclaimed to be a good thing. I dont believe that anymore and yes, the army did put "hair on your chest" and you certainly did mature, but at what cost?

My (still) best friend was also dishonourably discharged from the army, the pressure got too much for him around 9 months in and he started taking pot-shots with his rifle at anything that was rank. They hauled him out there and he spent a good three months at 1-militer before they deemed him safe enough to release back into society. The man still has the emotional scars from whatever tilted him over the edge, he doesnt speak of it, never has as far as I know. Never got married and lives in a two bedroomed flat with his three cats.

No, there is no glory to war, only bloodshed and heartache and many, many, destroyed lives...
brianvds (June 06, 2012, 18:28:02 PM):
You could refuse and go to prison for two? years,

Six, actually. Or if you were a Jehovah Witness, you could register as conscientious objector, in which case you would be sentenced to six years' imprisonment, which would then be commuted to six years' community service. It wasn't much of a choice, so most of us poor suckers, brought up to obey authority, and reluctant to be branded traitors or cowards, did our national "service." Had I known at age eighteen what I knew two years later, I may well have chosen exile.

st0nes (June 07, 2012, 08:36:01 AM):
You could refuse and go to prison for two? years...
Six, unless you were a concientious objector, in which case you did 2 years in DB in blue overalls.
Superman (June 07, 2012, 12:18:48 PM):
This is really interesting. I always thought that if I had done two years of army service perhaps it would have made more of a man out of me. Thing is if I could hide my homosexuality well enough.

My dad always had good stories to tell me about it. I cannot operate a gun and I feel it is emasculating. Perhaps I should just take some lessons.


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