The Locator Locates! (Danie Krugel)

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ewan (April 07, 2009, 09:03:02 AM):
I did - transcript can be found at Terrible as feared.

Professor Heleen Coetzee (former head of Histology at the University of Pretoria's medical Faculty, co-author and so called scientist) backs up Danie's machine - her "scientific consciousness interface operation system" (SCIO) mentioned in the article deserves some further investigation methinks... mentioned here: and here:
Mefiante (April 07, 2009, 10:04:01 AM):
Not to derail the thread, but the fact that Prof. Coetzee supports the SCIO device (also discussed here) as a valid modality says a lot. If she believes that it has any value above a placebo or a stress-alleviating device then she needs to reconsider very carefully. There’s a reason that in the US the device can only be traded as a stress-reducer, not as a diagnostic or a curative one.

Be that as it may, if she supports SCIO and Danie Krügel, then she has an obvious attraction to woo-woo claims, and that’s worrying coming from a high-level academic in a scientific field. Her authority, while not to be taken lightly, is certainly not decisive. Krügel still owes the world evidence despite Carte Blanche’s and Prof. Coetzee’s thumbs-up.

bluegray (April 07, 2009, 12:23:01 PM):
At least they included this bit from Dr David Klatzow:
Dr Klatzow: "There is no evidence at the moment that he is actually measuring quantum entanglement, which is a real phenomenon. There are many, many people who are right in the thick of quantum physics and for a man to come out of a police background and with no quantum physics and no scientific training to make this world-shattering discovery is, to say the least, very unlikely."
[Dr] David insists that proper scientific protocol needs to be set up to test Danie's machine. He says that information in the public domain could have played a role in Danie's successes.

Dr Klatzow: "There is observer bias. There are people who have agenda's on this - one way or the other. The police have one agenda, the police have another agenda. It may be a pure agenda, and I am not suggesting for one moment that his agenda is anything but. And there are too many loose ends in the tests that have been done to date to make them scientific."

But then they have Prof Heleen Coetzee showing what she knows about science:
Heleen: "I think he's done enough to show that this thing works. I know that there are certain ways of doing research, where if you have done enough of the same thing, and you get the same results, statistically it is provable that this thing is right."
No Heleen, he has not done anything to show that the machine is anything but an empty box with fancy lights. All of his finds could just as easily been done with good detective work. There is nothing to suggest that the locating device played any part in finding the victims at all. You either have a very low standard of what constitutes as research or you don't have a clue what real scientific research is.
Mandarb (April 21, 2009, 10:40:00 AM):
So how about someone challenge him to the Million Dollar Challenge?
Sentinel (April 21, 2009, 11:10:42 AM):
So how about someone challenge him to the Million Dollar Challenge?


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