The Locator Locates! (Danie Krugel)

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Mefiante (September 07, 2011, 11:03:35 AM):
Krügel was demonstrating the handheld version of his KTT device to the interviewer. It’s black and resembles an electrician’s analogue multimeter, both in size and layout, with the letters “KTT” appearing prominently in red on the casing. Where a normal multimeter’s selector would be, Krügel’s contraption features a round grey touchpad about 4 cm in diameter. While demonstrating the device, the camera closed in on it and you could briefly but clearly see that in reality the readout was responding to the rubbing of Krügel’s thumb on the touchpad, not the interviewer’s hair, a sample of which was located off to one side. The more vigorously he rubbed, the more the needle deflected and he got the needle pointing towards the hair sample simply by rubbing at the appropriate rate.

His KTT is therefore at best a prop and at worst a deliberate deception.

BoogieMonster (September 07, 2011, 11:08:18 AM):
You know, it's telling that a guy who has mastered the art of quantum magic beyond what any physicist can.... still has to dick around with a multimeter as his output device.

I wonder how far people are going to go to explain that one away though. From what I've seen his "followers" seem very frothy-at-the-mouth to bash any criticism.


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