The Locator Locates! (Danie Krugel)

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moonflake (January 08, 2007, 18:23:47 PM):
Incredible! I just received this response to my original email to Carte Blanche suggesting they do a more skeptical follow up of Danie's device:

Thank you for your input. We are planning to broadcast a follow-up programme on Danie Krugel's invention towards the end of January. Hope you will be watching.

I can only hope that they'll do it right this time. I sent a long response with all the relevant links to various online discussions that have been going on regarding Danie's device, including this one and the JREF. Stay tuned!
bluegray (January 09, 2007, 09:27:15 AM):
That's good news. Please keep us updated on any new developments ;)
Mefiante (January 16, 2007, 17:08:06 PM):
Danie Krugel has had dealings with occult practitioners in the past? Say it's not so!
Mnre. Danie Krugel, wat nou by 'n tersiêre instelling in die stad werk, en De Beer het onderskeidelik 12 en 13 jaar diens in die polisiemag waar hulle veral met okkulte bedrywighede doenig was.

(Translation: "Mssrs. Danie Krugel, who now works at a tertiary institution in the city, and De Beer have respectively 12 and 13 years' service in the police force where they were occupied especially with occult goings-on.")

The linked-to report deals with the supposed "moral decay" of students and how a return to god and christian values will heal "this sick world" (author's emphasis). The prevalence and growth of satanism, an occult practice, features heavily, and Krugel is reported to be involved part-time with "Auksano," an organisation that claims to provide a "multi-professional" support structure for children and adults caught up in satanism and other "destructive subcultures." Krugel became involved after being "gripped by the human suffering," in the main presumably that resulting from satanic doings. The group also promotes the idea that some of Bloemfontein's doctors, lawyers, police- and businessmen are in the upper echelons of the more important satanic groups in the city.

How convenient a conspiracy.

Could it be that both Krugel's altruism and his science have hair, and yet he has trouble locating them?

Mefiante (February 05, 2007, 11:07:27 AM):
More forum discussions on Supersleuth Danie Krugel and his transcendent tracking technology here (post #33 onwards) and here.

Prophanity (February 06, 2007, 15:18:46 PM):
Come on Carte Blanche, we are waiting for the follow up.

Moonflake have you heard anything new in regards to when they will have the follow up?


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