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buka001 (August 19, 2010, 12:37:44 PM):
First off that spam didn't make sense. They posted his fine to an old address, but were able to find his tv at his new address? Why didnt they post the fine to that address?

Anyway I have learnt a few things about traffic fines, because I work in construction, so essentially I'm a modern day nomad.

I never stay in one town, let alone a province for longer than 8-12 months. One thing I have learned is that one province doesn't talk to another province (actually one municipality doesn't talk to another municipality, even if they are in the same district, eg. Ekurhuleni and JMPD) about outstanding fines.

I have incurred fines in the Eastern Cape (Stutterheim 3.5 years outstanding and Queenstown 3.5 years outstanding), Free State (Bloemfontein - 3 years outstanding), Gauteng (JMPD - 2 years outstanding) and Limpopo (Bela Bela 1 year outstanding). Now about a year ago I was stopped at a road block in Ekurhuleni, where they did a check on my lisence to see if I had outstanding fines. They came back and said 0 fines outstanding. This proved to me that the different municipalities are unable to see what fines you have outstanding in other districts, only there own district.

Now since I change my adrress every 8-12 months, it becomes a pain to go stand in line at a traffic office and change my address everytime. So my car is registered at my parents home in Queenstown, Eastern cape. My mom renews my vehicle registration (a standard fee is paid, no fine amount is lumped in) every year and posts the disc to where ever I am.

They have never recieved a summons for me on anyone of the fines I have recieved. They only recieve notices by mail of camera fines. Interestingly the fine amount never changes, even after 2 years and they keep changing the due date. After 2 years the fines seem to dissapear as the notices stop arriving.

I'm not sure if this is true, but i heard that after 2 years of recieving the fine and they ahven't been able to recieve any payment for the fine. The fine goes into stagnation and they no longer pursue it.

This seems to be the case as I was fined in Ekuruhleni 4 years ago. When I was pulled over at a road block in Ekuruhleni, this fine did not appear on the system.

Any thoughts on my experiences?
GCG (August 19, 2010, 12:57:37 PM):
i know in ekhurhuleni at some point last year, they scrapped all the fines before a certain point, and then there were issues with some of the camera fines too, so a bunch of them were scrapped too, so that might be what happened to them.
Mefiante (August 19, 2010, 13:03:23 PM):
AFAIK, there is indeed a two-year rule regarding summonses for unpaid fines. If a summons/warrant is issued against an unpaid fine but the summons/warrant remains, for whatever reason, unserved or unanswered for two years, it then lapses, and the whole cause of action falls off the register. This would mean that if you’ve dodged paying a fine for two years (plus a little), you needn’t worry about it coming back to haunt you anymore.

GCG (August 19, 2010, 13:27:10 PM):
as much as i would enjoy dodge'ems with the local metro, i would hate to get pulled over in stokkiesville in die middle of the night and get arrested. much fun.


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