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Lilli (September 16, 2010, 08:37:09 AM):
I have a very serious problem. As many of you know, I don't spend all too much time pondering the existence of god - frankly, I couldn't really care less whether she exists or not. Current evidence indicates that there's no such thing as god, but I'm not about to say the possibility doesn't exist - and if it makes you feel better to explain things by the 'god-did-it' philosophy, then so be it.
The company I work for is VERY religious. Seriously, we open office meetings with bible-reading and prayer. This is usually where I sit quietly in the corner, keep my mouth shut, and sing a song in my head. I know that its bullshit and I shouldn't have to tolerate such crap and its unconstitutional and what-not, but I really do enjoy the work, so I can tolerate the woo-ness, if it means continuing with the work I do. Until yesterday. One of the women who work here, her son is very ill, and the doctors can't seem to figure out what is wrong with him. She is, understandably, very stressed out. So, my boss called a meeting where he told us all to stand together, hold hands and take turns to pray for the kid's health and the mom's sanity (OK he didn't word it like that, but that's basically what we were supposed to pray for)
I do not want to hold hands with anyone from my office. And I will certainly not pray to a god that most likely isn't there.
While I obviously want the kid to get better, and would do all I can to support the mom during a time that has to be tough for her, there is no way in hell, heaven or earth that praying's gonna help anyone. Just none. Now the boss-man wants to have a 'chat' with me because I didn't stand in their prayer circle. FML.
StevoMuso (September 16, 2010, 08:47:09 AM):
Oh Lilli - it must be tough. Hang in there girl - we will pray for you >:D
Lilli (September 16, 2010, 09:00:21 AM):
As long as you don't want to bloody touch me while you do it - pray forth ;)
Michael Meadon (September 16, 2010, 09:01:09 AM):
That's utter bullshit! Wow. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must have been...

The good news is that they certainly can't fire you for not wanting to pray. I suggest (for fwiw) being honest: say 'I don't believe in God' (or whatever). Hopefully the dude won't be a total dick about it...
GCG (September 16, 2010, 09:35:32 AM):
if said dude wants to be a dick about it, then you go to the ccma.
allso, when the discussion happens, you simply say that personal issues should be kept out of the office environment, and that you are here to work, not hold hands and pray, and that he is not paying you a salary to pray and hold hands, and that you would rather earn your keep by sitting at your desk grafting.
allso tell him, that praying and reading bibles, wastes company time and money. and that you werent employed there to pray, and praying and reading bibles isnt part of your job description. and you would appreceate that he, and the rest of the office, keep religion to sundays, and out of the office.
if its the case of everyone bringing their issues to work, and making it an office debate, then you are going to bring your dog to work when he's got a sore paw, your kid when he's got flu, etc. plainly tell him, that its not suitable office etiquite, and that you would prefer to keep your work environment profesional.


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