World Homeopathy Awareness Week

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The SkepDec (April 11, 2010, 12:29:14 PM):
Hey Skeptics, it turns out that this week is "World Homeopathy Awareness week", and I was thinking that as good skeptics we should use all our resources to spread as much awareness of this dangerous pseudoscience as we possibly can. What do you say?

Here's my contribution (for today)
GCG (April 12, 2010, 14:51:43 PM):
in my humble opinion. natural medicine has its place. and when a knowledgeable practitioner applies it, it can be beneficial.
but, science has made up all kinds of doodabbies that kill all the stuff that rosehip tea and tinctures dont.
homeopathy i think is a bit of hogwash. as much as drinking this and that mix of whatever, im not convinced that it works for everybody. each person's body reacts differently to chemicals, as much as one person will die if you give him disprin, and another wont bat an eyelid.
my experience with homeopaths, was a bit of a 50/50 feeling. as much as he told me x, y and z. and i thought, holy fricken wow. he propably told everyone before me the same. seems everyone has candida. and you need to avoid sugars.
they allso have you hold some gadget that supposedly runs currents through you body to ascertain whats wrong with it.
er, i dunno so lekker about that one. surely one auric fields cant tell a machine that i have latent liver problems? call me stupid, but my pc has given me nothing but crap since i got it, and i cant see any programmer convincing that unfeeling bucket to interpret electrical current from my body into anything logical.
i would go on a limb, and say, yes, maybe, some people might have a feeling, to interpret energy released by one's body to produce this or that prognosis. and, i might add, i dont think this is a skill one can go and learn at homeopathy school. you either have the gift or not.
i wonder how much of a placebo those little containers of sugary granules are that the homeopaths charge you a crapload for?
Reaver (April 13, 2010, 17:40:54 PM):
erm, gothcatgirl, homeopathy never works. not for anyone, ever. It is an incredibly dangerous load of bull. There are NO active ingredients in it at all. It does as much good as a medicinal product as dancing in a circle chanting "reaver is the greatest" does. read this link, and then do a wiki search on homeopathy:
Homeopathy IS murder.
GCG (April 13, 2010, 18:15:29 PM):
i would guess as much. i had a mate, years ago, that spent an absolute fortune on some gadget that tells you what is wrong with you, one hectic machine. he buggered off to capetown to go make his millions, i havent heard from him again, so i assume he is living under a bridge now.
i generally keep away from psychics and their ilk now. i really dont think, that if one has a real talent, you would ask money for it. alltho, i have heard recently, of a few people coming up short with qualified medical doctors too. so it seems no matter where you go, you get screwed.
Wandapec (April 13, 2010, 22:11:38 PM):
I'm with Reaver on this one. I posted this link before, but I think it is just great - I tell all my friends to check it out - Also, for some more reading check out the 1023 website...


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