...and so homeopathy is a cure-all

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Lurkie (January 19, 2014, 21:28:07 PM):
That's probably because you are approachable, smart and well presented. These buggers want good reps to sell their pseudo crap.

My SO and I gatecrashed an Amway bash to try and convince our neighbour that she was buying into a Ponzi scheme. Our usually rational neighbour wouldn't wasn't rational anymore. Sheeple were everywhere.

Also tried to explain how Amway works to an old school friend who had resigned from her job, start a new business etc. Even mentioned class action suits against Amway etc. It ment nothing to her, and I think she has branded me as a fanatic.

I need to ask her how her new business venture worked out... Might be struck off her email list and get no feedback though.

Live long and don't be duped.
The Vulcan (January 19, 2014, 21:43:06 PM):
You know, you can very easily show that it's a pyramid scheme - that whole pipeline business, well that's just a pyramid turned on its side, it can very easily be shown to be a pyramid if you can show her how she fits in her upline and downlines - that goes for all MLMs, they know people got the pyramid scare, so they just turn it on its side and call it network marketing
Lurkie (January 19, 2014, 22:17:21 PM):
Yep. We tried all that. Also chatted to the chief honcho. We went back home completely amazed that apparently smart people would fall for this crap, despite pointing out the obvious flaws. Brainwashed

As an aside, we landed up adopting their apparently beloved cat. They visited once and then abandoned a very sweet kitty, despite promising to pay vet bills etc.

These people don't work from the same moral, decent, fair code.
Lurkie (January 19, 2014, 22:27:07 PM):
Dead right. They said it was network marketing after we said pyramid scheme. Then there was a long conversion attempt using various tactics and we landed up being classified as being hostile. So we left before any GBH was committed.

Unfortunately the stupid gene is very resilient and will probably never die out.
The Vulcan (January 19, 2014, 22:52:40 PM):
Well it's more than a so-called stupid gene - the stupid gene is really based on our own desires coupled with wishful thinking, that's how religion get you sold too - really they basically get people into it by some clever thinking and appealing to your emotional side:
They sell a dream (like scams go...)They appeal to you greedThey appeal to peoples need to belong
All they have to do is help you rationalise this idea to yourself that there's a way for you to just create this lovely passive income stream by selling this idea to your friends, yeah appeal to greed and laziness works! And like religion expect you to swallow all this crap without questioning too much, they are prepared for basic questions but always ends up on relying on your emotional state than using your brain


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